Electrostand Is Offering Discounts On Ultimate iPad Stands

Today, we find its use at corporate as well as at personal levels because of its ability to carry out various tasks.

Online PR News – 12-July-2012 – Oakland, California – Today, we find its use at corporate as well as at personal levels because of its ability to carry out various tasks. Using iPad, you can manage and store data, browse internet, read books, watch various videos & movies and perform number of other activities. However, it is equally important to protect iPad with proper accessories.

'Electrostand', a well-known brand of iPad stands, is offering a discount on the stands for iPad, iPad 2, ipad3. Here, Electrostand's iPad stand and carrying case safeguard your iPad and gives it a stylish look as well.

On account of the increasing use of iPad, countless companies are offering different kinds of stands for the iPad. However, most of the times those stands are only ideal, if you want to use iPad on flat surfaces making it uncomfortable to use on beds, couches and any rough surface. Inversely, the Electrostand's iPad stands are designed with non-skid base allowing you to use iPad anywhere such as on the kitchen counter top, night stand, sofas, etc. Moreover, it allows you to rotate, tilt, swivel you iPad at any angle. As Electrostand holds iPad at any angle, you can enjoy watching movies, sports, seating in a relaxed position.

Various types of iPad accessories offered by Electrostand includes iPad docking stations, kiosk stand, leather, waterproof cases, charging stands, floor stand, lap stands, portfolio case, etc. These accessories are ideal for various purposes such as docking stations charge your iPad, leather and waterproof cases with its great look are amazing if you need to carry iPad at the work place. Moreover, if you take an iPad to the place where there is possibility of its falling and damage, then you should have metallic stand with you, as it firmly holds iPad at one place.

The normal rates of iPad stands and cases are approximately $80. However, as Electrostand has announced the summer special sale, you can purchase them at $59.99. Moreover, Electrostand.com offers the warranty of thirty days on its all products. Thus, in case you face any defects in your case or stand, it will be immediately replaced with defect free one. So, hurry up!! Order the best stand and case for your iPad at very affordable rates before the sale ends.