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With technology in our hands; technology like a Galaxy 7, complete with Galaxy case from, come July 27, those of unable to buy a ticket to the Olympics.

Online PR News – 12-July-2012 – Clackamas, OR – As July chugs along excitement mounts for the momentous day the 2012 London Olympics commence. While every patriotic heart of every nationality beats fervently for the athletes of their country it would be impossible to fit every fan into the London stands. Many of us will be relegated to watching our countrymen and women, parade, run, jump, play and compete on the television, online, or through other technological venues, which is why, as 2012 London Olympic souvenirs go, a personalized Galaxy or Kindle Fire case, from is not just unique, it's symbolic. With technology in our hands; technology like a Galaxy 7, complete with Galaxy case from, come July 27, those of unable to buy a ticket to the Olympics, can still feel as if we sit in the London Olympic stands, hearts beating, hands clenched, as the gun goes off and the athletes take off like the thoroughbreds they are.

Here at we offer beautiful leather covers for your ipad and other handheld technologies in an array of lovely designs, reminiscent of hand-drawn sketches. Besides our own innovative array of designs, here at we offer, at no additional cost to the buyer, the option of custom designing their own unique cover. And, specifically, in honor of the London, 2012, Olympic games, we, here at, are planning a unique design to honor the one time event.

So, wherever you go with your kindle fire, galaxy 7, or galaxy note, as it is for these three handhelds that the special 2012 Olympic-inspired design will be made, your custom galaxy case will remind you every time you use it of all those memorable Olympic moments. Just think of all those summer athletic feats, including those swoon-worthy victories and those agonizing defeats, everything that makes an Olympic year an Olympic year, made all the more memorable and meaningful by owning your own souvenir, Olympic-themed, custom galaxy case. In fact, why not order some Olympic-inspired custom galaxy covers for your friends? Olympic-themed custom galaxy cases would indeed make world class gifts for a world class Olympic-themed party.

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