Well Known USA Based Twitter Followers Reseller Site Announces Cheaper Prices On Twitter Followers

In recent times the growth of places where one can buy Twitter followers and buy Facebook likes has increased due in part because more and more professionals and companies are turning to this social media shortcut to pretend popularity on the networks.

Online PR News – 11-July-2012 – July 11, 2012 Orlando, Florida – "Having followers related to ones services or business, can really make a difference when one makes a tweet about an offer or a special deal that the followers won't reject." It says the promotional text of one of the multiple companies that offer Twitter followers and Facebook likes in Internet. "Get cheaper prices on Twitter followers and boost your business potentials when thousands of followers are informed about your products or services in real-time," says another site that was reviewed by Gerry Mcdowell a 37 year old journalist, social media strategist and a proud 'tweeterer' founder of a couple of website networks of himself.

For example www.addtwitter-followers.com a U.S.A based webpage have always been presented as the flea market of Twitter followers since it is widely known to be the main source and supplier of dozens of other similar Twitter supplier companies. This page is known to offer the cheapest prices on Twitter followers as low as 1200+ for $10 USD, 10,000 followers for $52 USD and up to 50,000 Twitter followers for $225 USD " 100% real and English speaking followers;" in a period of between 5 and 30 days depending on the purchased package.

Shortcuts like this are not so complicated to find online and with a basic Google search like "buy Twitter followers at wholesale prices" one can find the many options possible of different Twitter reseller websites offering deals not so expensive if one sees it from a marketing point of view: for example it is very possible for anyone to get an extra 1000 followers for as low as $10 dollars and 500 Facebook likes for as low as $21 dollars in most websites with the twinkling of an eye.

Get cheaper prices on Twitter followers and boost your business potentials when thousands of followers are informed about your products or services in real-time

The purchase of followers can be seen by some as an underground phenomenon which is barely spoken of, but that goes beyond of what ordinary people think of the idea. As said by a professional online marketing coach, "on social networks, no one likes to speak clear", because "everyone has always something hidden under their carpet"; or many eggs in their profile. The purchaser of followers on Twitter can be easily identified if one notices a user with a lot of followers without image; On Twitter when a user doesn't put their photographs on their profiles, a "colored egg" will appear in the background.

This social media marketing strategy shortcut was started approximately four years ago, points out Gerry Mcdowell. At that time, the followers that the buyers were incorporating to their account were, mostly, egg legions. Namely followers without photos, illustrated by an egg, and a weird random combination of letters and numbers in their names, explained Mcdowell. But of course with the past of time things have been getting better and now these social media reseller companies are offering followers with avatar pictures and full biographies — which look like real people. Nowadays one can even find targeted followers by zipcode or keyword targeted followers who can even speak any language in particular.

"Everyday we've been receiving more proposals to sell bigger packages of Facebook likes," affirms Allan Robertson, co-founder of a famous social media reseller website known as Social Media Combo who this reporter had a chance to interview on his way to Los Angeles to a social media convention about Facebook Marketing. “It is a social media phenomenon that every time, is more organized and structured. Many business starters buy facebook likes sometimes because they feel convinced of how difficult it may be to gather up thousands of followers and likes on Facebook and only a few are choosing the hard way on collecting followers on their own" mentioned Robertson.

This newspaper learned that the purchase of followers or fans are often done by packages and when this reporter tried to get in touch with Facebook and Twitter to obtain their own opinion about this so called new social media phenomenal craze and to learn a bit more about the politics that they carry out if they discover fraudulent practices or unusual growths in some users accounts there was no answer from none of the companies.

"U.S.A is the number one country in which most companies and artists are purchasing these social media services," says Paul Vizcarrondo, another social media "guru" and author of 3 books about Facebook marketing which this reporter had a chance to interview by phone. "But we have known that there are countries such as Turkey, Italy, United Kingdom, Australia, Puerto Rico and India where the practice is becoming more common."

This particular concern in the digital marketing sector has led to the creation of a new platform known as, Adsocial, which aims to, among other things, implement a code of ethics that would prevent the such phenomenon as the purchasing Twitter followers and fans. IAB, an association representing the advertising sector in digital media, is also working these days in a code of good social media practices.

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