Survey By Labels Modern Women As 'Mean'

63,172 men from 14 countries participated in a survey and 74% believe that modern women have become too mean, aloof and indifferent when it comes to dating.

Online PR News – 11-July-2012 – Los Angeles, California – A growing number of modern women are developing a carefree and somewhat indifferent attitude towards men and lifetime relationships, whereas men are feeling increasingly desperate to find Mrs. Right and settle down. Unlike in the past, today's women are not in a desperate hurry to find a man to support them for life. A modern woman can take her time, live a fun lifestyle into her late 30s and then fall back on IVF treatment if she leaves it too late to start a family.

pop stars

This relaxed, "whatever" type of attitude from modern women is causing anxiety and confusion for men as they question their place and importance in the life of a modern woman. Female "pop stars" sing about not needing men, about men having to impress them before being considered and even go as far as having men kneel at their feet in music videos. This modern display of the alpha female has scared many modern men into submissive, overly-polite behavior when interacting with women. However, as Dan Bacon, founder of The Modern Man said, "Unfortunately, these men don't realize that women are not attracted to weak, submissive men. Most women are looking for an alpha male who is stronger than they are, not a man who will bow down in fear."

According to a recent survey by of 63,172 newsletter subscribers (from 14 countries), 91% of guys are hoping to find a girlfriend, rather than just knowing how to get laid so they another "notch on their belt" to brag to friends about. When quizzed on the topic of how to talk to women, 74% of guys also believed that modern women have become increasingly mean, aloof and indifferent when an attempt was made to talk to them in a social or public environment. Bacon explains that, "When a man approaches in a nervous manner, most women feel repulsed by it and behave in what will often be perceived as a "mean" way, by not wanting to talk to him."