Chrisso Courtis , Creator of Chrisso will release a single called ( Together )

Chrisso Courtis , author , celebrity , actor , and singer to release a single ( Together )

Online PR News – 11-July-2012 – Hollywood – Chrisso Courtis, author of Chrisso Diet, will release a new song called "Together," a hit single.

Hollywood, CA
Chrisso Courtis, creator of Chrisso Diet, is also a singer. Chrisso started singing since he was four. He loves singing. At the age of five, Chrisso wanted to be the most famous singer on earth. His biggest inspirations are Mariah Carey, Boyz 2 Men, Whitney Houston, and Madonna. Chrisso also adores Lady GaGa.
Chrisso wrote the lyrics to the song “Together” and the music was produced by reputed producers. The song talks about sorrow, deceit, and pain. The song also has a moral: that no matter how badly someone has been hurt, they can overcome, and a broken heart can be mended.
Chrisso's vocal range is four octaves, but because of being a chain smoker, the octaves have diminished and it made Chrisso's voice a bit huskier, like Brian Adams. Chrisso still loves singing because it takes him into another world; a world where you can find peace and happiness. For Chrisso, music is complete bliss.
"Together" will be released at all online music stores, including iTunes and Amazon MP3 this summer.
“Together” is a very cool and catchy song. It is a song that everyone can relate to. The single is a pop/R&B single. You can listen To Chrisso's single exclusively on Sound Cloud:

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