Beeswax Candles Online Store Announced New Features for Improvement

A variety of beeswax candles and other related products are featured on More great products added to the existing product categories and some changes have been made for improvement.

Online PR News – 11-July-2012 – Ipoh, Perak – is pleased to announce the new features and changes on its website. A new sponsored video 'How To Make Beeswax Candles' is recently displayed at the homepage. For those who like to try making some, this is a good source for beginner to learn the basic skills. The short video is about 3 minute duration, shows clearly the simple steps as well as equipments needed for beeswax candle making. It is quite interesting and anyone can learn for fun.

Furthermore, website patrons who successfully sign up as a member are eligible to get one free e-booklet on 'What You Should Know Before Buying Beeswax Candles'. First, patrons need to fill up a simple membership form and then they will be noticed by an email from to download the information shortly for free. The founder of, Juiny Cheng mentioned: “This piece of information is crucial especially for first time buyer. Not as United States and Canada, beeswax candles are still not very trendy in most places like Asia and many are none too familiar with this type of candles”.

Candles made with pure beeswax are better value compared with other chemical based candles. Beeswax is a natural resource; it hardly emits any toxic soot that leaves stains on the surfaces of an interior. Pure beeswax candles as if the most expensive among all types of candles, they deserve the price when counting the positive effects they brought though. View from the health aspect, no any traditional candles like beeswax candles release such desired negative ions as most found in nature such as oceans, waterfalls and mountain regions. The emitted ions have healing and spiritual powers, enable a person feel relax and calmer all day long. For more details on this topic, please continue to read the article on Health Benefits at

When compare both burning time and quality, beeswax candles are the best among all. A beeswax candle at its golden flame, burns at least 2 times longer than a paraffin candle, burns brighter and cleaner than any other candles. However, be sure to buy the beeswax candles only made with pure beeswax as some of them sold in the market are not entirely pure.

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