Fast Forward Academy Release Course Registered Tax Return Prepare Continuing Professional Education

Fast Forward Academy has released 15 new courses available for registered tax preparers to take to fulfill the required annual continuing education component.

Online PR News – 10-July-2012 – Altamonte Springs, FL – (ORLANDO, FL) July 9, 2012- Fast Forward Academy is making it easier, more applicable, and more entertaining than ever before to complete the needed continuing professional education (CPE) component for registered tax return preparers with a newly released, diverse selection of courses.

Since early in 2012, registered tax preparers have been required to complete an annual continuing education component. This tax education requirement totals 15 hours, including 3 hours of federal tax law updates, 2 hours of ethics and 10 hours of other federal tax law.

As part of its Registered Tax Return Preparer Continuing Professional Education (RTRP CPE) package, Fast Forward Academy has just released 15 new courses pertaining to tax education. As one can tell by reading the names of many of these courses, a great deal of thought has been put into making this serious material as light and entertaining as possible. New courses include: Tax Preparer Ethics; Federal Tax Law Update 2012; Single - With Dependents; Accuracy & Continuity on Tax Returns;

Marital Status and the Adoption Credit, Moving Expenses, and Gain on Sale of Main Home; Preparing Returns with Multiple Income Sources; Self-Employment, Education Credits and Estimating Tax; Ethics and Tax Practice; Avoiding Disciplinary Actions for Circular 230 Violations; Tax Issues Relates to Small Construction Contractors; Gliders, Geldings, and Gamblers: A Review of the Hobby Loss Rules; Reporting Foreign Income, Accounts, and Assets; Something Old, Something New, Some Divorce Tax Issues for You; Whose Deduction is it Anyway? Tax Issues for Divorced and Separated Parents; and Passive Activity Loss Limitations.

Matt McBride, president of Fast Forward Academy, says, "Fast Forward Academy is a global leader in Registered Tax Return Preparer continuing education. We're proud to assist registered tax preparers achieve their tax CPE component, and we're happy that we can do so by making the material entertaining to read, thanks to the use of funny cartoons and relatable story-like text. We have met our goal of making it both interesting and entertaining for tax professionals to do so."

Courses are available in a 15 hour RTRP package (the most popular option, available for $149.99), a 5 hour package of CPE Ethics and Updates ($39.99), an a la carte CPE Course Menu (starting at $15/hr with discounts accumulating the more courses are purchased) or a 2012 Unlimited Membership ($199). All courses are registered with the IRS.

To learn more about these new courses available through Fast Forward Academy and its RTRP CPE package, click here.