Ambrosia Treatment Center is an alcohol and drug treatment facility located in Florida. It offers comprehensive programs that address a complete range of family, patient, and professional requirements, including recovery and after care for people of all ages.

Online PR News – 09-July-2012 – West Palm Beach – Port St Lucie, Florida, 6 July 2012— Due to a considerable rise in deaths pertaining to drug overdose, Ambrosia Treatment Center has come up with a cutting edge strategy to counter the epidemic and help the suffering addicts start their journey towards recovery in a nurturing, comfortable, and respectful environment.

With almost five years of experience, Ambrosia has progressively developed into an effective and successful drug rehabilitation that uses innovative technology to facilitate recuperation. Ambrosia Treatment Center is fully accredited and offers both outpatient and inpatient care with a success rate that has surpassed the norm by a big percentage.

These comprehensive drug rehab center treatment programs include therapy for both alcoholism and drug addiction. Courses normally last between one to two months and are specifically designed to move the patient from living an active addiction lifestyle to a life that is sober and clean. To ensure holistic healing, Ambrosia also provides therapeutic settings that promote peace, and tranquility. Moreover, all programs are custom built for every patient and are managed in such a way so as to teach the patients how to live in the real world and how to preserve their abstinence when faced with situations that provoke temptation.

Ambrosia Treatment Center is also aware of the growing trend in drug abuse and consequentially, has adopted a very aggressive and proactive approach in handling addiction. To completely transform the life of someone involved in substance abuse, the center incorporates well-trained staff, compassionate care, personalized counseling, medical attention, therapy sessions and a variety of other services, to help the addict find out the reasons why he/she became addicted.

The goal of the treatment center is essentially to treat, educate, and enhance the quality of the addict’s life. The dedicated staff understands that it is not only important to offer personalized attention to patients during treatment, but to also follow-up once the program has been successfully completed, so that sobriety is retained after the patient returns home. The center uses a very interesting combination of relapse prevention education and ongoing counseling, and if an addict requires extra care, the facility also offers aftercare services for as long as the addict likes.