Author releases a collection of Poems & Rhymes, a refreshing ‘spa’ of words for all occasions

An easy-read collection of thoughtful and poignant poems from Author Natalie Mason, moments put into verses that make you stop and think. Inspiring and invigorating.

Online PR News – 10-July-2012 – Kent, England – An enjoyable collection of thoughtful and poignant poems relating to life experiences designed to lift your spirits, including some light-hearted rhymes guaranteed to make you smile.
Thought-provoking and uplifting moments big and small put into words describing celebrations of love, marriage, birth, death and special occasions that we all witness in everyday life. Rhyming words that make you stop and think about the small things in life as well as the bigger picture, ultimately helping us to respect one another in this life. Moments put into words that make you pause and reflect on what really matters most in life, helping you connect with your inner self.
As you read on you will be reminded that you are not alone on your own personal journey along life’s winding highway. Someone has walked the path you are on and has felt what you are feeling–both your tears and joys.
This is the perfect book to inspire, comfort and invigorate you throughout a life time with an ample assortment of topics to delight every palate.

Author Natalie Mason says “I have been writing poetry from an early age for special occasions and was inspired by my Granddad Harry. This is an easy-read collection of thoughtful and poignant poems including some light hearted rhymes relating to life experiences. These poems are like moments captured and framed into verses that make you stop and think! There is a wide variety of poems with something to suit every occasion.”

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