EMCO Software Reports Results of its Latest Enterprise PC Power Management Research

According to the new research results announced by EMCO Software, enterprise and SMB companies can reduce power consumption by 40% using a PC power management solution.

Online PR News – 09-July-2012 – Reykjavik, Iceland – EMCO Software, a leading provider of power management software for networks, has announced results of the corporate power management research conducted by the company among its customers. The research participants included organizations and companies using the latest version of EMCO Remote Shutdown for automation of PC power management across local networks. The purpose of this research was to learn more about the approaches to power management used by companies and to access the efficiency of the employed software power management solutions.

According to the research results, 65% of network administrators and IT professionals reported that they use standard power-saving features provided by the operation systems, such as switching computers into the sleep mode after some time of inactivity. However, only 30% of the administrators using those features believe that they can be effectively used in large network environments.

"The reason why standard power-saving technologies, which are quite effective for personal use, don't work in corporate environments is that those technologies weren't designed for corporate usage. It's hard to manage power profiles on multiple PCs, and chances are high that the centrally configured settings will be changed by users. Under a typical scenario, users change the standard Windows power settings to be able to access their PCs remotely after hours. This can be avoided by using PC Power Management solutions that manage all computers from a central location", Thorarinn Oskarsson, CEO at EMCO Software, says.

EMCO Software has evaluated the savings achieved by its customers using EMCO Remote Shutdown 5. This shutdown and Wake-on-LAN software allows turning on and off network computers remotely on schedule so as to turn off unused PCs and cut power costs. EMCO customers estimate their savings at about 40% of their previous PC power costs. Roughly, it equals to about 400 kWh per PC per year or $40 per PC per year according to the current power prices. The actual savings depend on the company size and are usually higher for large companies having a significant number of PCs. Also, the savings depend on the type of computers used by the company. With desktops, the savings are usually about 20% higher than with laptops, because desktop computers and their monitors consume more power than laptops.

"These results correlate well with the industry standards for PC power management tools. Using these results, companies and organizations can estimate their savings when they consider using a power management solution in their offices. PC power management solutions deliver a fast return on investment with no impact on functionality because they simply save energy that is wasted", Thorarinn Oskarsson, CEO at EMCO Software, says.

EMCO Software customers who participated in the research use the latest version of the EMCO Remote Shutdown software for PC power management. This software can run on the Windows platform starting from Windows XP through the latest Windows x86 and x64 desktop and server platforms. A time-limited evaluation version of EMCO Remote Shutdown can be downloaded without registration at http://emcosoftware.com/remote-shutdown and http://remote-shutdown.net/. The license price depends on the number of PCs to be managed and starts at $99 for 25 PCs. A license that allows managing an unlimited number of PCs in one company/organization location costs $389.

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