Apollo Security Sales’ ApolloVision system integrates real-time video with intuitive controls

ApolloVision, a cutting edge system of video surveillance, is Apollo Security Sales’ video monitoring that in conjunction with other Apollo biometric access control Systems completes a technologically impeccable security detail.

Online PR News – 07-July-2012 – Newport Beach – Newport Beach, California – Biometric access control systems mesh perfectly with ApolloVision, a security system that grants users full visibility over their premises with a powerful yet simple video solution.

Biometric access control systems and the ApolloVision system are both easy to use and virtually untamperable. ApolloVision uses live video to display the transpiring of real-time events in high definition video, capturing a minimum of 120 frames per second. These high resolution cameras also have full PTZ functionality, meaning they can pan, tilt and zoom to candidly follow any action that security personnel in the control room desire. Full administrative capabilities are available at local and remote stations, meaning that security overseers can manage the defense of their property and premises from almost anywhere.

Also, the power of ApolloVision (as well as many other biometric access control systems provided by Apollo Security Sales) allows the system to track certain events automatically without manual camera control, and addition can be set up to focus, export snapshot, and set and select prepositions. In the event of these automatic recordings, emails can also be sent automatically to system administrators.

Biometric access control systems by Apollo Security Sales are integrated the same way into the control panel, meaning that there is not a whole other system of controls to memorize when learning how to use ApolloVision. The controls are intuitive and straightforward.

To further increase the integrity of the recordings, ApolloVision also provides digital watermarking in order to identify and trace any video tampering that could compromise security.

Biometric access control systems manufacturer Apollo Security Sales, founded in Newport Beach, California in 1987, is a one of the leaders in the development and manufacture of high-end biometric access control systems. Constructing all of its products itself in a company-owned, on-site factory, Apollo specializes in alarm systems, identity verification, personnel tracking and complex protection. Apollo has clients in over 70 nations and has offices in Prague, Singapore, Shanghai and Sao Paulo. All Apollo products are constructed in the United States.

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