Reveals New Exercises That Improve Golf Swing Speed
07/09/2012 offers golf swing exercises programs for golfers who want to improve their games.

Online PR News – 09-July-2012 – Tucson – offers golf swing exercises programs for golfers who want to improve their games. The exercise includes training for speed of contraction and strengthening primary muscle groups involve in swinging a golf club.

Professional golfers believe that every successful athlete knows that practice is not enough. Athletes also need to train and condition their muscles to improve in their specific sports activity. Golfers who are serious on improving their games with longer drives train their muscles for speed and quickness. These people value the fundamentally 22 muscles involved in the forward golf swing. They likewise understand proper conditioning of these muscles to increase club head speed and control.

The website offers isometric training using resistance band to quickly condition and develop fast twitch muscle fibers, increasing driving distance in just 14 days. Additional exercises target hips and lower body for great stability.

Developing fast twitch muscle fibers increase the contraction velocity of the muscles in the back, shoulder, hips, arms and wrists, which results to greater club head speed power and longer drive shots. The type of muscle speed will never be achieved with monstrous strength. Experts agree that high-level speed muscles are achieved when the muscles developed the memory and speed to go from state of relaxation to a state of instant contraction.

Golf swing has three basic components and knowing the muscles involved in each swing will help determine the correct exercises to improve golf swing. Speeding up contraction rate in the muscles involved will increase club head speed. The best thing about the site’s golf exercise is that it has already identified the muscles that need to be conditioned to increase golf swing speed. The site’s isometric exercises are specifically designed to target correct muscles used in golf swing and develop muscle fiber types in charge for speed, swiftness and power.

Using the site’s Isometric Training leads to two biggest advantages. First, by forcing the muscles to hold for a certain length of time, the body starts to engage more and more units to help maintain the contractions. Second, the motor units engage are forced to contract constantly, until the muscles achieve a state of maximum intensity unharmed and efficiently. These two advantages result to the fast maturity of the entire muscles.

All the golf exercises offered are easy to do, take just a few minutes a day to execute and have noticeable results in few days. The exercise manual consists of 35 pages of materials, photographs and drawings that show the precise exercise the specific arm, shoulders, wrist, grip and back muscles as well as the hips and lower body. Also included in the package are two resistant bands, one heavy and one light, used for strengthening the muscle fibers responsible for fast and explosive reactions.

Combining club head speed and speed exercise training to golf drills can improve distance of golf shots. All the techniques used in the program are suitable for any fitness levels, may it be beginners, youth, high school, college, professional, men and women. These exercises for golf swing can be done anywhere and anytime. The exercises are easy, does not require special equipment and extremely effective.

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