Paid Surveys Blog Announces Article Series Targeted to Unemployed Americans

Website announces the release of a new article program.

Online PR News – 09-July-2012 – Dayton, NE – Paid surveys website announced a new article series today that aims to help those hurt by sagging jobs growth in the United States. The website reports that while the article series isn't designed to help compensate for a full-time job or a career, it may help some people pay off some of their outstanding bills.

According to site CEO Spencer A. Mitchell, the site's web development team came up with the idea for the article series after learning that a fair amount of their repeat traffic was out of work. Mitchell states that this made them think that at least some of the 8.2% of Americans that are currently unemployed could benefit from surveys for money: "We thought that this was a sign of the current economic situation and wanted to help other unemployed folks earn extra money from surveys for money. That's when we got cracking on an article series designed solely for the unemployed in mind."

Mitchell adds that the article series covers the basics of paid surveys, which panels are the best and how one can make the most from them. One common thread in the article series is the fact that paid online surveys aren't a replacement for a job as there simply isn't enough money in them: "I'd like to say to people that they can stop looking for a job and take surveys for money instead. Unfortunately, that's not the case. Paid surveys pay decently, but not enough to cover expenses, such as a mortgage or car payment. Most people that take surveys regularly note that they use them to take care of a single bill, such as a student loan payment. But what surveys can do is help people survive until they do eventually find a job again."

"Other approaches to earning online, such as blogging and freelance work does require an up-front investment, which is out of the question for many on the unemployment rolls.", Mitchell states. The article series also contrasts surveys with other ways to make money online, such as graphic design and affiliate marketing. Mitchell adds that surveys for money are a better option for most as they tend to require no special skills and is very low-risk, which partially compensates for the fact that surveys don't pay as well as some other opportunities on the internet.

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