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The favorite game site of yours has just become better than ever. Just catch the new flavor on your favorite online gaming site. The site will now host newer games with exciting features including high scores, gaming communities and much more. Catch the new zeal of action and arcade in just a fortnight

Online PR News – 23-June-2009 – – June 2009 - Played Online ltd. is an online gaming company which provides a huge variety of free online games. Now you can erase the word boredom from your dictionary. Just hook on to your favorite gaming site which will be better than ever. The company has decided to add on to its huge collection of free games and introduce new features such as high scores, community gaming, quests, etc. So, go on choose your favorite game be it arcade, first person, racing etc.

Online gaming is one of the favorite pass times in schools, colleges and offices. The wide varieties of low end games which are easy to learn and play have great scope in becoming substitute to friends. You can bet, challenge your friends on these games. What more being free it provides great pass time at no cost. Having more than two thousand games you can have your life time of enjoyment absolutely free.

The company also provides free trial packs to download and play before buying any of their featured games. They also provide features so that you can embed their games on to your site. These free games last an eternity before you run out of options. Also you have new and better games uploaded and updated every week.

The site also provides options for people to download and enjoy the game off line for an hour so that they can trial the game before buying it. These online games not only provide an escape mechanism to avert the clutches of boredom but it also improves stress endurance, that is people can vent out their frustration through these games and reduce the stress levels. This also improves the productivity at work. This is not the only benefit associated with them. People who game a lot generally have a razor sharp brain and allow them to handle any given situation better than the others.

The site has few of the finest free online games ever produced. Some of the quality games such as the casinos, shooting; strategy, motor sport, etc can take you back to the years of childhood. The company has the honor of being one of the largest gaming sites around the world providing free online games as per the latest choices and trends. Online gaming has grown several folds over the past few years on the internet hence for any site to sustain itself it is necessary to have periodic make over. is undergoing one such change and it plans to come out better than ever with much more to offer for its customers. For more information regarding the company the details are furnished below.

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