Productivity Expert Laura Stack Blogs Her “Work Less, More Success” Strategy

Time management and productivity expert Laura Stack wants everyone to know how to achieve more by actually doing less, skills Stack says today’s workforce needs more than ever in her newest blog “The "Work Less, More Success" Guide to Time Management!”

Online PR News – 08-July-2012 – DENVER, Colorado – July 6 2012 – Time management and productivity expert Laura Stack wants everyone to know how to achieve more by actually doing less, skills Stack says today’s workforce needs more than ever. In her newest blog “The "Work Less, More Success" Guide to Time Management!,” Stack says the current employeee in America today is working harder and trying to do more with less at a greater rate than any other time since the Great Depression. The answer, Stack says isn’t as elusive as it might seem.

Stack, who’s recently published fifth book, “What To Do When There’s Too Much To Do” is the culmination of more than a decade’s work on rethinking work and personal strategies in order to get more done by doing less. Overwork, Stack says, may be slowly killing people who are trying to accomplish too much without a realistic schedule in place, and without the necessary tools to perform efficiently.

“Overwork may be slowly killing you, emotionally, physically, and/or spiritually,” Stack says. “Overwork stems from taking the wrong approach to structuring one’s schedule and rebalancing the work/life ratio.

“The core message is simple: reduce, reduce, reduce! It's always better to do less, not more, so you can do better, more focused work.”

Stack’s blog offers some new insight into her “Work Less, More Success” strategy, offering tips on focusing on the necessary tasks by reducing the “to-do” list that can actually bog down many people. Stack suggests readers apply the medical concept of triage to reduce their to-do lists to manageable proportions.

“The emergency room doesn’t treat patients in the order they walk in the door,” Stack says. “You shouldn’t work in the order tasks arrive in your inbox or by who screams the loudest.

“Remain flexible at all times, realizing priorities can shift on the fly, with new high-priority tasks muscling their way into the workflow and pushing aside less-important items,” Stack says.

The blog discusses exercises for identifying key tasks and then making the time to complete them. What it boils down to, she says, is self-management – most specifically, the willingness to stop misusing time.

“Practice self-discipline,” Stack says. “While you’re not going to waste time during the workday, you’re not trying to do it all. Block out time for your critical HIT lists tasks right on your calendar.”

Stack discusses her Productivity Workflow Formula™ (PWF) that walks the reader through the process of identifying those obstacles that get in the way of completing important tasks and applying must-follow strategies to change poor time management habits in order to achieve defined goals.

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About Laura Stack:

Laura Stack is a time management and productivity expert who has been speaking and writing about human potential and peak performance since 1992. She has implemented employee productivity improvement programs at Wal-Mart, Cisco Systems, UBS, Aramark, and Bank of America. Stack presents keynotes and seminars internationally for leaders, entrepreneurs, salespeople, and professional services firms on improving output, lowering stress, and saving time in the workplace.

The president of The Productivity Pro®, Inc., a time management firm specializing in high-stress environments, Stack is the bestselling author of five books: “What to do When There’s Too Much to do” (2012); “SuperCompetent” (2010); “The Exhaustion Cure” (2008), “Find More Time” (2006), “Leave the Office Earlier” (2004), and “What to Do When There’s Too Much to Do” (scheduled for release in June 2012). The 2011-2012 President of the National Speakers Association and recipient of the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation, Stack has served as a spokesperson for Microsoft, 3M, Xerox, and Office Depot and is the creator of The Productivity Pro® planner by Day-Timer. Widely regarded as one of the leading experts in the field of employee productivity and workplace issues, Stack has been featured nationally on the CBS Early Show, CNN, and in USA Today and the New York Times.