InterFACE Helps Parents By Simplifying How Kids Break Into Child Modeling Industry

4 Year-Old Uses Talent Marketing Company InterFACE as a Way to Break Into the Kids Modeling Industry

Online PR News – 06-July-2012 – New York, NY – What parent wouldn't be interested in child modeling when it comes to their adorable little one? While most parents were schlepping their youngsters to birthday parties at Chuckee Cheese, and checking out the latest Pixar film, InterFACE NJ client Hiroyuki’s parents were packing their bags to get on a plane to fly from their home in Philadelphia, PA to Los Angeles, CA, after their four-year old Hiroyuki had just been chosen to participate in an ad for a popular Coconut Water soft drink, possibly as the face of the entire brand. Now that certainly makes for an interesting weekend story!

It was great!

Hiroyuki got his start in child modeling by coming to InterFACE, a premier talent marketing company, after his parents researched local child modeling agencies and other options, and came across the talent promotion center. Though InterFACE is not a modeling agency, they do offer aspiring talent the services they need to create the necessary marketing tools used to break into the entertainment industry. Hiroyuki completed a stellar professional photo shoot at InterFACE, “The photo shoot was fantastic,” says Darryl Hiroyuki’s father, “It was great!” After creating these promotional tools, InterFACE then marketed the photos to top industry professionals, or talent and modeling agencies. The precious toddler’s photos quickly caught the eye of Susan at Excell Model and Talent, who requested Hiroyuki to audition to be the face of a new Coconut Water ad campaign. Hiroyuki attended the call, and nailed the audition in under a minute! “It was all very sudden,” recalls Darryl, “ The audition only took about 30 seconds, and then [casting] said they wanted him for a photo shoot in LA the next morning.”

Hiroyuki was among a small number of children who were chosen to participate in a photo shoot that will feature one of the kids as the new brand image of the Coconut Water franchise. The ad will be approved by the company’s marketing department, when they will make a final decision on which child model will be the new featured star of the brand. The selection and shooting process is prestigious and very serious, to ensure that when the final ad is released it will be a surprise. “I can’t tell you about the ad,” explains Darryl, “The company asked us to sign a non-disclosure agreement.”

InterFACE is a talent marketing company with centers in Norwalk, CT, East Brunswick, NJ, Boca Raton, FL, and Framingham, MA. InterFACE is an innovative means for aspiring models, actors, singers and dancers to break into the entertainment industry. InterFACE promotes their clients directly to top talent and modeling agencies, which is a great way for aspiring talent to receive requests from the industry’s top professionals. “It’s been an overall great experience with InterFACE, and it was great working with Excell Model and Talent Agency,” says Darryl. In the future, Darryl hopes Hiroyuki will go on to be requested by Exxcell Model and Talent again for more exciting modeling jobs and auditions. InterFACE will keep their fingers crossed for Hiroyuki, and wishes him the best of luck on his next upcoming requests!

InterFACE is the premier choice for talent marketing services. As an entry point for aspiring models, actors and singers, InterFACE connects talent with a broad base of industry professionals, marketing tools, information and visibility to help them effectively pursue their careers as models, actors and singers in the fast-paced, highly competitive world of fashion and entertainment. InterFACE also provides industry professionals—agents, personal managers, casting directors and music producers—with a talent pool that has been professionally developed and prepared to take on a variety of opportunities. The company boasts a client base of over 10,000 active clients, and provides entertainment marketing services for select regions including New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and South Florida. Please visit for more information.

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