Natura-Nutra Provides Extensive Natural Health Products Highlighting Sea Buckthorn

Check out our website at to learn more about the extensive number of nutritional health supplements that we carry, all highlighting the extensive benefits of sea buckthorn.

Online PR News – 07-July-2012 – Calgary, Alberta – Natura-Nutra is proud to showcase the extensive number of sea buckthorn Natural Health Products that are available on their website, These nutritional supplements are available in a variety of forms, and you will always be provided with the purest herbal products available, including powders, capsules, oils, soft gels and more. Each of these maintains all of the water-soluble vitamin nutrients and other active ingredients available from sea buckthorn to the utmost, for your health and well-being.

You can take advantage of one of their featured products, which is the sea buckthorn extract powder. This powder provides all the benefits available from sea buckthorn, by complementing the fat-soluble nutrients available in the oils from the website, This high potency powder is extracted from manually harvested berries, and is ideal to make a fruit drink, smoothie or shake.

If you prefer, you can also get sea buckthorn in an easy to swallow capsule, each of which contains 500 milligrams of pure sea buckthorn extract powder. They are also proud to showcase their natural sea buckthorn oil, which is processed using supercritical carbon dioxide extraction technology, ensuring that is free from any industrial solvents. Carbon dioxide generally separates oil from the fruit, and the carbon dioxide is then easily and completely removed from the oil.

Using this process, the sea buckthorn extract is not exposed to excessive pressure or temperatures, preserving the nutrients that naturally occur. The oil is then bottled in a nitrogen chamber to prevent oxidation, and this oil is a superior natural sunscreen with spectacular UV blocking properties, as well as assists in the improvement of problem skin. This oil is also an excellent way to take advantage of the health benefits of sea buckthorn, as it is used both internally and topically, and is very easy to absorb.

Natura-Nutra is also a leading nutritional supplements manufacturer but also probably creates a natural herbal anti-aging moisturizer. With a variety of natural herbal ingredients, the optimal combination of sea buckthorn oil, squalane, bioflavonoid, shea butter and vitamin E provides deep poor penetration, soothing your body's tissues and leaving a light, fresh scent. This moisturizer rejuvenates your skin with its abundance of natural vitamins, tocopherol, cartenoids and Omega fatty acids.

The bioflavonoids are well known for their anti-aging effects, while the botanically obtained squalane and shea butter rejuvenate your skin with moisture and sun protection. The naturally occurring Omega 7 fatty acids of the sea buckthorn provide cellular regeneration. This cream is optimal to assist in improving the signs of aging, and provide your skin a bright, youthful glow.

For anyone that wants to improve their health and well-being with the extensive benefits of sea buckthorn, you should check Natura-Nutra's website at, or you can contact them by e-mail at You can also call them toll-free at any time at 800-662-3156, where their will always be someone ready and happy to answer your questions and much more.