Little Known Secrets about Your Poop and Health Revealed

Facts about an individual’s health can be known through his/her poop and this was revealed by Chris Cains, the author of the ebook being releases at

Online PR News – 07-July-2012 – 40C Hong Kong Street, Singapore – Press release, July 4, 2012 – A persons health should always be a concern if in the case his/her poop is black in color. Well, this is quite a fact since this will indicate that there is an internal hemorrhage either in your stomach or in your colon. However, anybody might want to ask the question, “Why is Poop Green. Well, there is a revelation to this since anyone can obtain an ebook in which Chris Cains has created and this is available over at and in Kindle edition.

It’s not necessary for people to freak out once they notice and ask the question, “Why is my poop green?” According to the author of the ebook Chris Cains, “The ebook will reveal to the readers that having a “green poop” can be an indication that there is something people should know when it comes to their health.” Indeed, this can be a concerned but the ebook will reveal everything to the readers and this is quite the fun part for them.

Consequently, the ebook will provide you the information why your stool is colored green and the other reasons why, it is colored black, brown or yellow. The fact here is that there are some causes (whether it is harmful or not) why a person’s stool has a kind of color. The main point here is there are some reasons why an individual should be concerned and the need to consult the doctor.

Moreover, the ebook will reveal to the readers the things you need to learn with regards to having a stool that’s different in color. Although this can be strange and gross for some, it is not that bad with regards to learning the truth about one’s stool and this is what the author of the ebook points out. This is the reason why he created the ebook for everyone to know.

Overall, you don’t need to freak out when you ask yourself, “Why is my Poop Green?” since the proper way to say this is the things you need to do to know the reason why your poop is green. The best part here is anyone can get the ebook at Amazon and be “in the know” about having a green colored stool.