Bril Launches Brilrider - India's First Balance Bike For Toddlers

Industrial Research Corporation, owner of the household children's brand Bril has launched a revolutionary balance bike called Brilrider in India. This bike is a bicycle without pedals and trainer wheels, meant to teach toddlers and children between 1-5 years balance.

Online PR News – 05-July-2012 – Bangalore, India – The Brilrider balance bike from Bril is a revolution in the bicycle space in India, enabling children as young as 1-5 years to start riding without trainer wheels or support. The Brilrider works on a very simple concept of working with the natural and instinctive capabilities of the child. The correct time to start babies on the Brilrider is when they are able to walk steadily without falling often. Initially, the child will just use the Brilrider to walk with, as its simple pedal-free and handlebar-limiter-free design enables the baby to walk without restriction. As a child gets confident walking and taking charge of the Brilrider, they will start experimenting with their feet-up as wheels offer them a faster mode of transport.

Experts world-over now acknowledge the benefit of balance-bikes vis-à-vis trainer wheels, as trainer wheels delay a child’s ability to balance, which is an essential and very important gross motor skill.

“While balance bikes are already very popular in some countries abroad, this is a pioneering concept brought to India by Bril,” says Jayaram Rajaram, Managing Partner, Bril (Industrial Research Corporation). With the introduction of the Brilrider, trainer wheels may be passé, and parents will love to see their little ones zipping away, having fun and learning to balance.

The Brilrider is priced at a MRP of Rs. 3990/- and is suitable for boys and girls.

Features and Specifications of the Brilrider:

•Pedal-free design.
•Simple-design, for easy handling.
•EVA tubeless tyres make Brilrider more than 48% lighter than other bicycles.
•No trainer - wheels needed
•Helps most children learn to balance by the age of 3
•Enhances essential gross-motor skills
•Great fun and a sense of accomplishment for babies and children

The Brilrider may be purchased from a toys or cycle store near you, or online on Bril's website.

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