Wubb Forays into Freelance Job Market after hitting a big success as Social Business Networking Site

Wubb makes a strong entry into the freelance job market. This is the first time ever any social business networking site has started offering freelance projects and part-time jobs online.

Online PR News – 07-July-2012 – Cooper City/Florida – Wubb.com, the brainchild of Dan Rubin – the Florida-based business owner, announces freelance job hunt services for all freelancers across the globe. This is the latest addition to Wubb’s service portfolio after business networking, idea sharing and other start up solutions gained huge popularity within a few months of its launch. The site has been able to arrange regular and high-value freelance jobs for its active members since its inception.

The total number of freelance members as on 21st of June, this year is 1600 approx, which shows satisfying growth expected within 3 months of its operation. The official inauguration of Wubb site was on 12th March 2012. Wubb officials expect steep rise to this count as Wubbys (Wubb’s member) have started referring this site to their close friends and partners.

Apart from posting and finding freelance projects, Wubb promotes entrepreneurial skills; brainstorms new business ideas; launches contests and games; creates new job opportunities and help people to do more. Freelancers of any stream, any qualification and experience can find a suitable job (part-time and full-time) here. These multi-dimensional attributes and extensive reach make Wubb a home name to all job-seekers online.

Dan Rubin is extremely optimistic about his plan to be the sole service provider in freelancing industry. He truly believes that Wubb is one of its own kinds which cover every functional aspect of an ideal social networking site, a professional networking site and a freelance jobs finding site. It is a perfect combination of every business and social networking features that a good job portal should have.

Wubb offers freelance job opportunities of different types, scopes and worth based on employer’s requirement. Employers, entrepreneurs, outsourcing agencies and even corporate from all walks of life can simply register on this site and post their projects with deadlines and descriptions. Web designer, developer, programmer, IT consultant, graphic designer, marketing solicitor, idea marketer, writer, SEOs, full-time job seeker – anyone interested in making extra money and recognition can bid on these freelance projects online and win the job.

According to company spokesperson Wubb members can bid on first 10 projects for free. These are called virtual tokens or Wubbles that any registered member can use for submitting proposals on open projects. However, to avail this service for longer period, members need to buy more wubbles from the company. There is a simple package system for this. The basic package (Silver Premium) of $25 contains 25 Wubbles whereas Platinum Premium offers 100 Wubbles at $85. There are more mid-terms schemes available.

Wubb uses secure payment system and gateways for its members. An account holder can do all kinds of monetary transactions through PayPal and credit card from any part of the world. For freelancers, there is a specialized section Wubb Secure Payment which makes payment management and record keeping convenient.

With so much to do and so much to discover Dan’s mission to expand Wubb’s network is showing results. The idea of combining a social networking site to a business networking site and a freelance job portal seems to be doing really good in the market. According to Wubb’s statistics, it is well comprehended that experienced as well as newbie freelancers can make the most out of their valuable presence on Wubb.

Wubb brings a revolutionary change to the way people used to think a social networking site and a professional networking site can do to achieve personal and business goals. Being a part of it is a pleasure and profitable.

About Wubb.com:

Wubb.com is a social business networking website where entrepreneurs, freelancers, job holders, job seekers, investors and business consultants meet each other, build relationships and find a series of business solutions.

The company is headed by Dan Rubin and is headquartered at Grove Lane, Cooper City Florida. Launched in March 2012, the networking portal has already made a great knock in online business world. It is a complete social business networking hub for all business enthusiasts across the world.

For more information on how Wubb works and the services offered by them, please make a visit to http://www.wubb.com or contact at the following address: