Low T Treatment Center in San Diego Launches New Website

ENERGENEX, a leading low testosterone treatment center in San Diego, has launched a new website to expand its customer base and serve its clients better.

Online PR News – 06-July-2012 – San Diego – San Diego, California (July 2012) – Offering Low T treatments for San Diego men living with low testosterone, ENERGENEX (http://www.energenex.com/) has launched a new website to help more men experiencing a decrease in libido and sex drive. The new website offers expanded information on today’s latest treatments for Low T and HGH levels.

“We’re excited to launch a clean, updated site with the latest information on Low T treatment options,” says John T. Alexander II, M.D., J.D., F.A.C.S., head of ENERGENEX in San Diego. “Different sections on Low T treatment and HGH therapy offer comprehensive information on two very common problems men face today, guiding them step by step on how they can restore their vitality and feel more energized.”

The new website offers visitors the ability to find out if they have Low T through its Diagnose Yourself feature, with a few easy questions to answer. If they have some signs of Low T, patients can then schedule a free consultation with the testosterone treatment San Diego clinic to achieve better hormonal balance.

“With the expanded information now on the site, it is truly a resource for any man considering testosterone treatment in San Diego,” adds Dr. Alexander. “The FAQs section answers many common questions on Low T and HGH therapy, and explains how ENERGENEX can turn back the clock. Our Low T treatments target reduced quality of life caused by age-related factors, hormonal changes and high stress levels. The treatment aims to restore hormones to more optimal levels for improved mental clarity and function, reduced fat, and enhanced physical and mental health.”

Low human growth hormone (HGH) levels can cause weakness and lethargy. In addition to treating Low T, the ENERGENEX team male hormone replacement therapy to treat symptoms of Low HGH using bioidentical hormone therapy.

"Low testosterone and Low HGH can cause a decrease in libido, fatigue, depression, abdominal fat, and inability to build muscle in both men and women," adds Dr. Alexander. “We look forward to helping more men discover the advantages of hormone replacement therapy through our updated website.”