Superdrugsaver’s “Donate-a-Dollar” Charity Supports “A Child’s Right” and Other Social Programs

One of the premier online pharmacies, Superdrugsaver has served customers worldwide for more than 25 years now. A source of high quality, cheap generic medicines, this Internet based pharmacy has been delivering cost-effective drugs in an efficient manner.

Online PR News – 05-July-2012 – Port Louis, Mauritius. – Superdrugsaver has often tried to support various social drives. Recently, during the Methotrexate scarcity, this online pharmacy offered free Methotrexate to needy patients. To keep a continuity of such initiatives, the pharmacy has started a committed drive of educating its customers about various organizations that selflessly work towards the betterment of the society. Customers are encouraged to donate towards these social causes and they can contribute to them while purchasing their medicines from Superdrugsaver. The campaign has been active for the last three months now. With more than $ 700 collected over the last three months, this has proven to be a significant contribution to these charities. Every month these charities change depending on customer suggestions and thus offer support to wide variety of social causes.

A Brief About Charities Supported:

A Child’s Right: A one man mission to provide safe drinking water for all children, this organization has developed potable water purification system that is provided at low cost to various institutes frequented by children. Institutions like schools, hospitals are provided this equipment so that children have access to contamination-free safe drinking water. Eric Stowe, worked with International adoption and his travels painted a grim picture of the society’s inequality, especially the harm caused to the younger aged population. Unavailability of clean water to kids in the same locality where large food chains can provide it to their patrons was a major source of exasperation and therefore he took upon a mission to find a solution. A child’s right is the result of these efforts and is successfully changing the scenario in various South Asian countries.

Afghan Artisans:

These days Afghanistan is associated with terrorism and has often received negative press due to perceived religious extremism. Yet, this unfortunate area also has a humane side to it. Women are one of the most exploited sections of this society and they often have absolutely no sense of identity. With almost no means of earning or education, they often are solely dependent on others for their day-to-day needs. Afghan Artisans is a non-governmental organization working with such deprived women, to provide them employment. The income earned provides primary health to them and their children as well as helps them with basic education.

Haitian Health Foundation:

One of the poorest regions in the world, Haiti has extremely low per capita income due to minimal employment opportunities. To top that, it was devastated by the recent earthquake and thus remains a highly deprived region in terms of basic necessities. One organization, Haitian Health Foundation, has been helping Haitians with whatever it can do to improve their standard of living. Basic health programs, social agendas, education drives, etc. are developed in conjunction with local government authorities here.

For more information on the donation drives carried out by Superdrugsaver please visit the link at: The online drugstore also encourages its customers to suggest other charities that are closer to their heart and they will be definitely considered for next month’s charity drives. Readers can suggest their charity at: For more information on Superdrugsaver online pharmacy, visit: