SISATEL provides you with Live TV on our Android or iPhone devices

SISATEL to launch their live TV service

Online PR News – 05-July-2012 – Kolkata – SISATEL facilitates a cross-platform free video messaging service, for all users with internet connection on their devices. SISATEL also has a platform of social networking for people of all ages through video scraps. One can also send video message and video mail from the website once they have an account with it. Video blog is also something that is attracting a lot of users to SISATEL. Recently, SISA will launch live television on all platforms from android to iPhone. Now watching a programme or news on television can be on the go.

While earlier people thought of television as an idiot box, the concept gradually changed. Apart from news lot of our programs started coming on air. It had programmes of quiz, awareness, science and technology, history, literature, and other entertainment based ones. The increased number of ads on television over the years has reinstated the popularity of television as a medium.

Television is no more a device that people watch only when they are in their houses. Today, most of the time people are out of their house. That means they miss out a lot on television. Television is a source of entertainment. The lack of time in one’s busy schedule, however, prevents one from watching television, be it a soccer match or a classic movie.

A lot of people spend as long as 4 hours commuting from their home to workplace and back. If one wants they can watch television on their mobile phones. Ratna Talwar, who works as a HR officer says. ‘I work till late hours in office. It takes me more than an hour to reach home. It could be great if I could watch live television while I was on my way. Our work schedules are such that we hardly get time at home, forget watching television.’

Yes, it is no more an absurd idea, but a lot of people are under the misconception that watching live television on mobile will be a costly affair. With data plans being offered at cheap rates, and smartphones with high picture quality watching live television is not a problem at all. Abhishekh Rao, the MD of a company says, ‘Live TV is a great concept but pricing it too high does bite you somewhere. If I get live TV for a reasonable price I will surely subscribe to it’.

• Sisa offers live TV for free to everyone

SISA offers end users with live television on their android or iPhones. Subscribers of live television can enjoy a number of channels and their favourite programmes on their mobile devices from anywhere at any time. With SISA live television there is no more missing of any programme any more. Irrespective of any OS of one’s mobile device, users can now watch live television right on their mobile screens and bid good bye to the problem of time.

Mr Indranil Mukherjee, the MD of SISA, says, ‘With time being a constraint for many out there in today’s world, people hardly get time to catch their favourite programme on the television. Our live TV is aimed at them, to benefit them to watch TV from anywhere at any time’. While there have been options of recording a programme these days and watching it later, there might often be times when one wants to just turn on the television and check the news maybe. It is in those situations that live TV will be turned on by people on their mobile devices. Mukherjee also understands that the price factor plays an important role. We would be offering live TV of SISA for free. One can watch it on any mobile device if it has internet connectivity.’