Southern Plains Land Co. LLC, is dedicated to Search Engine rules

Southern Plains Land Co., LLC refuses to use or capture any search terms that are not a direct description of what they are marketing. There are no false or misleading search terms, pages or links within their web site:

Online PR News – 04-March-2010 – – Texas & Oklahoma Land Brokerage Company, Southern Plains Land Co. strictly avoids what they call “false search terms” on their web-site where they advertise Farms & Ranches for sale, primarily in Texas and Oklahoma. Some companies use many search terms that are only vaguely related to what they actually have to market, that they become very misleading and in many cases, may be classified as false advertising. Southern Plains Land Company refrains from such a practice.

“If we capture a search term such as 'irrigated farms for sale', then we will have them for sale on our web-site, and they won't be quarter acre lots with yard sprinklers, either”, says co-owner of Southern Plains Land Co., Kalin Flournoy. “We wouldn't use terms such as 'Cattle Ranches for sale', if we only had a few small lots for sale on our web-site. We see companies capture a whole slug of search terms in nearly every possible facet, such as Northwest Texas Ranches for sale', 'West Texas Ranches for sale', etc., when they don't have a single Texas Ranch for sale”, said Flournoy.

“If a company is advertising a product, they ought to have the courtesy to make sure that searchers will find what they searched for if they use a particular search phrase. If Southern Plains Land Company no longer has a Livestock Auction for sale, then we will remove the search term from our page descriptions, so as not to waste folks' time and be dishonest about what we are marketing”, said Flournoy.

“We've seen companies put up several dozen and even several hundred false pages and links within their web-site to allow for many search terms and not have a fraction of the products for sale that their search terms indicate. All pages and links keep leading you through a maze and back to the same place, where they have not what they advertise. It's just a gimmick to get traffic to their site. It is a practice that is against the rules and regulations of most search engines; however, we've seen the same companies do it for years, yet rarely are they disciplined for such violations. There's no regard for what is right or wrong to some folks, but what they can get away with”, said Flournoy.

Kalin Flournoy
Company Name: Southern Plains Land Company, LLC
Contact Person: Kalin Flournoy
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