Genetic Test Predicts Cabbage Soup Diet Success

Stanford University Scientists Uncover Genes That Boost Cabbage Soup Diet Success Nearly 500%

Online PR News – 04-March-2010 – – Can’t lose weight on the cabbage soup diet? According to a new diet study, maybe it's time to blame genetics.

Stanford University scientists recently tested the controversial theory that one’s DNA can make or break their diet results. In a breakthrough finding, they discovered that genetic makeup determines whether a low-fat or low-carb diet will work for them.

The researchers used a simple cheek swab to determine whether someone was genetically predisposed for weight loss using a low-carb diet like Atkins, or a low-fat diet, like the miracle cabbage soup diet.

According to lead author, Dr. Mindy Dopler Nelson: “By looking at the genetics we were able to see it was less the particular diet than the individual's response to the diet."

The scientists found that a diet perfectly matched to the subject’s genes induced twice as much weight loss than a diet/gene mismatch. Most surprising was the discovery that genes take on a heightened level of importance when paired with 'extreme diets', like those that rely on diet cabbage soup. When the genetics and extreme diet were a perfect fit, weight loss skyrocketed 500%.

The findings have tremendous potential for would-be dieters looking for a weight-loss approach that works. Because people have stark differences in fat, carb, and protein absorption, the genetic test can give dieters a leg-up when sifting between a myriad of diet options.

This study, presented at a recent American Heart Association conference, adds to a growing body of science that takes diet failure blame off of dieters and onto their genetic predisposition. In particular, the differences in certain weight-loss genes, called polymorphisms, seem to have the largest impact on results.

Christopher Gardner, an associate professor of medicine at Stanford told the Wall Street Journal: "Knowing your genotype for low carb or low fat diets could help you increase your weight-loss success.”

Although the cabbage soup diet remains controversial due to it’s extreme nature, this study suggests that when it’s paired with the right set of genetics, the diet can work as well, if not better, than most mainstream diets.

Because there are dozens of cabbage soup diet variations, all with their own set of rules and cabbage soup diet recipes, it’s important to choose one that complements a dieter’s genetic makeup.

How can someone possibly know if they’re DNA says 'low-fat'? Interleukin Genetics offers the same test that Stanford scientists used, but charge a hefty $299. Alternating between low-fat and low-carb versions of the cabbage soup diet and closely monitoring weight loss is a more practical approach.

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