Free Gaming Consoles Are A Reality, If You Are Willing To Search Deep Enough To Find Them

It's possible to find and earn free prizes like game consoles, ipods, even cash. The trick is finding a free community that will help you.

Online PR News – 22-June-2009 – – Ever wondered if all the talk about freebies and getting prizes from collecting freebie referrals is legitimate? Well just stop for a second and think about it. Have you ever just done that? It would make sense to you if you did. There are literally hundreds of thousands of people out there right now doing this and getting things like a free PS3 or free ipods every day. I am one of them. Many of them have been doing it since 2005, and it's just not going anywhere. If anything, you are hearing more and more about it. If it weren't true, you'd think it would have died off by now, yes? Free stuff is just out there, there's no denying it.

No, I'm not going to advertise my referral link to some silly site I am trying to complete. This article is for your benefit, not mine. I'm doing just fine on my own, thanks!

If you want a real answer to the question above, the best way to find it is NOT to sign up to a freebie site and see for yourself. The best way is to go to a freebie 'forum', get paid to sign up to a site by someone there who is offering to do just that, and then get help gaining the referrals you need. Seriously, this is really how it can work.

There are many communities out there that will call themselves a legitimate referral trading forum, but really, it's hard to tell which ones are truly genuine, as opposed to which ones are simply out to fill their own pockets by sucking you in. So many are around these days, and they're cropping up left and right as popularity grows for the entire industry. One of the absolute best forums I've found in all of my travels is a smaller, lesser known forum called 'The Freebie eXchange'.

Unlike a lot of other freebie forums out there, this one just gives off a good vibe. The staff and members on it are friendly and helpful and you can ask them anything at all, no matter how much you already know, or now new you may be. They seem to pride themselves on treating everyone equally.

Also, unlike other referral trading forums, The Freebie Exchange has a very cool system called 'referral banks'. For those of you don't know much about getting free stuff through incentivized freebie websites it's a little difficult to explain. All I can tell you is go have a look for yourself, their community is free. For those of you who do, however, referral banks are one of the greatest methods for gaining free referrals for the sites you're trying to complete. All you do is sign up through a referral bank, go green and you are listed in it. Every time someone else signs up through it, it generates a random link from the people who are already in it, which means you can pick up referrals anytime as new people sign up.

You can't join a referral bank if you've already signed up for the site, but TFX takes care of that for you also. They have options available for people to get a site they're already working on into a referral bank. Believe me, it's worth your time to check out. These guys just make getting free prizes easy for everyone.

Recently they've partnered with and added a mentoring program to their site too, called FreebieLand Gateway. Now, this thing is amazing. Essentially, they will teach you how to use freebie referral trading to make money online and get paid every day. With this addition, you can learn to generate daily income for yourself. Experienced forum traders make upwards of an extra $100-$2000 a month for themselves, and that's keeping it in the same range. The amount you can make depends entirely on how much effort you want to put into it.

You will hear about freebie referral trading being called a scam over and over, all over the place, but every time I've heard it, it's always been from someone who has never put in the time and effort to make it work for themselves. They gave it their best 5 minute college try and gave up. All I can say is that I didn't give up, and all you have to do is the same. If you want the benefits of this industry, you have to make the effort to get them. There's no easy street to freebies, but The Freebie Exchange does it's best to help you as much as it can. Go have a look and see for yourself.

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