Infographic Promotion Is A Grand Success: SubmitINme Now Opens Doors Of The Strategy For Its Clients

Owing to the grand success of infographic promotion in their own branding campaigns, SubmitINMe opens doors for all to make use of the unique strategy

Online PR News – 05-July-2012 – 7/3/2012 Tamil Nadu – The series of panda algorithm updates (including the most recent 3.8 version) and the penguin update have redefined search engine optimization strategies. It is clear that the future of web promotion is a combination ultimate branding and social media presence along with a few conventional SEO strategies. Speaking about branding, Infographics have proven as the best media to achieve ultimate branding. There are several case studies available online about the effectiveness of infographic promotion. The most popular one dates back in 2010 when an infographic created by a company was picked by CNN. They just created 2 infographics and were able to get coverage from major online news sources.

This success was proven in 2012 and how about the effectiveness of this strategy now in 2012? Since 2010 we have had several algorithm changes and updates which affected almost all the SEO and branding strategies. In fact the algorithm changes have boosted the importance of infographics in branding as well as social media marketing. It is a well-known fact that pictures are the mostly shared content in social media sites such as facebook and twitter. Obviously infographics are warm welcome in the social media. According to the information available about the current search engine ranking factors, social media signals play an important role in search engine rankings. Infographics would spread like a wildfire in the social media, producing natural social media signals which in turn become effective SEO.

Speaking about the current proof of success using infographic promotion, SubmitINme had published a series of infographics on the hot topic, the Google penguin update. The company's main strategy was to voice out the opinion of the public about the algorithm update. The graphics were designed and published on public interest and we had no idea of branding through the infographic. However, SubmitINme was sure that the information in the graphic is about to spread virally online because they had taken care of many interest factors into account when creating it. Two days after publishing the infographic about penguin update, the traffic to the site peaked up. There were references from top search engine marketing news sources. SumbitINme was also contacted by top SEO experts asking for possible referrals to the infographic. The success was repeated with almost all the infographics that they have published to date.

SubmitINme has solid proof that the strategy works in ultimate branding, effective social media marketing and perfectly safe SEO. They will be publishing a case study on infographic promotion later this week as well. Right now, this strategy is open to their clients as a turnkey infographic promotion service.