Numbers Play a Major Role in the Laws of Life

Author Patty James inspires readers by revealing the significant spiritual purpose of numbers.

Online PR News – 04-March-2010 – – Old Bridge, NJ (March 3, 2010) – There’s far more to numbers than just adding, subtracting, or even measuring. And that’s what author Patty James delivers and explains in her compelling and thought-provoking book, Laws of Life: Numbers.

Being a life coach and Word Up Ministries, Inc.’s president and founder, James briefly but concretely discusses how numbers play a significant role in the laws of life. It describes how at the moment of their purpose, numbers reveal their meaning.

Laws of Life: Numbers invites everyone to enter and visit the spiritual world of numbers. “We will begin this journey with understanding that everything God does is with purpose. Everything God has created has a spiritual significance, numbers in particular in that each one has its own specific meaning and purpose in places, seasons, and particularly people,” expresses James.

As readers get inspiration and guidance through the pages of this book, they will gradually realize how numbers really do manifest their spiritual purpose. When one learns to understand and accept the meaning of these numbers, only then will they be able to fully grasp the essence of how it influences and impacts the laws of life.

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About the Author
Patty James is a life coach who is the CEO and founder of Word Up Ministries, Inc. and Universal Word Center, School of Ministry. Along with an Enterprise Corporation in the making, she insists that to believe is to Be-Lived. Devoted to results rather than reasons, her life sessions on subjects such as spirit, soul, and body, and the laws of life deliver impartation that brings absolute results. Countess lives have been impacted. Multiple ministries as well as authors and entrepreneurs have been launched and attribute their inspiration to the mentorship and spiritual warfare training sessions. Traveling internationally for over ten years throughout Israel, Jordan, and Egypt, she has lead hundreds on the journey of a lifetime. A prolific leader, she brings a wealth of diversity, knowledge and experience for every dimension of life.