Miva Merchant Offers Tips To Increase Ecommerce Conversion Rates

Shopping cart platform leader says simple website flaws result in lost sales.

Online PR News – 02-July-2012 – San Diego, CA – Miva Merchant, a leading supplier of shopping cart software and ecommerce solutions, says that Internet merchants can significantly improve their online conversion rates by taking some simple steps to improve their e-commerce websites. The company says that many online merchants may not realize the full potential of Internet sales.

"Conversion is the Holy Grail of online e-commerce," says Jesse Ness at Miva Merchant. "Many online merchants don't realize that elements of their websites might actually discourage willing consumers from making purchases." Jesse says that simple changes can have a big impact on a consumer's decision to buy.

Online merchants should be concerned about more than their shopping cart platform when it comes to the overall consumer experience, says Jesse. "Consumers look for trust seals before they submit their credit card information." Jesse says that when that verification is absent, consumers are left to question how secure the merchant's website really is.

Consumers also show a strong preference for sites that feature professional product photography that really lets the consumer see what he or she is buying. Along the same lines, highly detailed product descriptions that include dimensions, weight, manufacturing and content details and other product information really help consumers overcome their fear of buying the wrong item, color or size when shopping online.

Merchants can also improve the online consumer shopping experience by spending time to improve the consumer experience through simplified navigation, thoughtful site design and rigorous testing. "Online consumers tend to abandon their shopping carts when they run into problems, or a merchant's site doesn't behave the way the consumer expects it to. By spending time with site design and testing, online merchants can eliminate surprises for their shoppers."

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