FastView Introduces A New Stream Acceleration and Optimization Server

FastView is the first of its kind providing a new generation of web accelerator set to transform the web accelerator market. Conceived by ordinary people for ordinary people, the software is helping Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and internet users across the globe.

Online PR News – 04-July-2012 – Hong Kong – Web Xpress Solutions has announced a new stream acceleration and optimization server via its web acceleration programme FastView. The core technology behind the server involves the use of industry-leading compression algorithms. FastView is now able to provide adaptive data compression and network optimization technology. The new server allows internet service providers and other technology partners to deliver the most enhanced and high-speed online experience for their service users.

The technology considerably reduces the bandwidth requirements in order to effectively use the service. This means that even those with modest internet connection speeds can enjoy the extended web acceleration benefits from the new server. FastView can now compress a wide range of digital content and internet data which includes text based content via Javascript, HTML, XML, video content via flash and HTML5, FTP for file retrieval and email content through POP3, IMAP and SMTP. FastView is leading the new generation of web acceleration technology to deliver an unparalleled level of performance. Frustrating waiting periods on slow connections will become a thing of the past as FastView delivers a superior online experience.

Web Xpress Solutions is experiencing an unprecedented level of demand from internet service providers in the developing world where the broadband internet infrastructure is several years behind the developed world. Benchmark tests have shown that FastView is able to achieve compression rates of up to 50 times the current levels. The patented technology and its industry leading performance has been confirmed by independent, third party testing partners.

FastView aims to deliver the most satisfying and fulfilling online experience possible. As the worldwide digital evolution continues to gather pace internet users are constantly demanding more and more speed. In addition internet users want a reliable and consistent internet browsing and download experience. FastView provides substantial benefits to the end user enabling users to have premium internet connectivity without the premium price tag.

The new stream acceleration and optimization server also offers end to end performance acceleration of web and SSL-based applications. The acceleration technologies include web compression, image reduction, caching, HTTP connection multiplexing, TCP optimization and controlling bandwidth utilization for fast application and transaction response times and the best end-user experience across various media types.

By offloading SSL and persistent functions from the new server FastView frees the CPU to handle additional requests, eliminating the need for additional hardware upgrades. The new FastView server also provides complete transaction security through encrypted traffic and end application smart tuning for web enabled applications.

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