New Card Payment Scheme Launched for Taxi Fleets

Scheme avoids conventional merchant services

Online PR News – 04-July-2012 – July 2012 – A brand new approach for fleet taxi operators looking to accept card payments has been launched by CardSave. Pay@Taxi is a cost effective card payment solution that enables taxi fleets to take secure chip and pin card transactions without paying conventional merchant service fees.

In a move away from competitor schemes, CardSave will offer terminals on a tiered rental plan with rentals waived entirely for fleets after a pre-agreed level of spend has been reached. Drivers will additionally benefit from flexible transaction fees, choosing the rate at which passengers will be charged.

“Taxi drivers who accept card payments are providing an enhanced service to their passengers. Our recently commissioned YouGov survey demonstrated an increase in public demand for card payment services. It showed that 62 per cent of people now carry £20 or less in cash on them on average, yet 93 per cent carry a credit or debit card. By offering these passengers an alternative method of payment, taxi drivers will improve customer experience and build brand loyalty,” comments Clive Kahn, CEO of CardSave.

Supporting the YouGov results, research from Cabvision identified that 65 per cent of taxi passengers would prefer to pay for their journey by card. This has been validated by beta testers of the solution, with 95 per cent reporting that the card acceptance solution had been well received by their passengers.

Enhanced security is another benefit of the scheme. Drivers using Pay@Taxi don’t have to worry about counterfeit currencies or theft, nor can passengers claim to be carrying less than the required fare on their person.

Kahn explains: “Our beta testers tell us that the number of stops they made at cash machines halved with the use of the card payment system. Consequently we would expect fleets using Pay@Taxi to maximise their fares with more passengers and the potential for longer and uninterrupted journeys.”

“The benefits of Pay@Taxi can be seen as threefold. Taxi fleets will experience an increased number of fares, they will be able to run a more efficient business, and they will grow their network of happy, returning customers. We believe this scheme has the potential to revolutionise the taxi business to the advantage of all involved,” concludes Kahn.
The scheme can be accessed by any taxi fleet that operates all company owned vehicles, owner/driver or a combination of both.

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About CardSave:
CardSave was formed in 1995 by an independent retailer frustrated by the high costs of credit and debit card processing. CardSave has 55,000 members operating across a multitude of business sectors, with thousands more joining each month. It is a division of the WorldPay Group, Europe’s largest card processor.

Taking the pain and costs out of accepting cards, CardSave prides itself on delivering a personalised and professional service to independent businesses and start-ups. Providing individually tailored cost-effective payment solutions, its customers have the option of taking card payments through both physical terminals and online gateways. CardSave makes card processing easy for retail Chip & PIN, mail, telephone and online payments with the latest Countertop and Portable Bluetooth credit card machines.

CardSave is headquartered in Grimsby, North-East Lincolnshire.