Employee Benefits Agencies Help Clients Manage Productivity and Profitability

Benefits Growth Network brings together a robust collection of third-party solutions providers to help employee benefits agencies meet the changing needs of their clients.

Online PR News – 04-March-2010 – – St. Louis, MO – March 3, 2010 – Employee benefits agencies need to do a lot more these days than just bring a good medical and dental plan to their clients. Agencies need to bring value to their clients through business solutions that go beyond these traditional benefits programs.

Now, more than ever before, it is critical to get every bit of value from every investment made into a business. The investment that companies make into their employees is substantial and making sure there is a profitable return on that investment is the new role of an employee benefits agency.

It is often necessary to bring in outside experts to help achieve the results the client wants or needs. These requirements can be quite varied, and it is a tremendous amount of work to search for solution providers, interview them and compare programs. Sometimes the costs involved to engage or maintain these relationships can be prohibitive to many agencies. Often the result is that an agency offers no additional services or only has a couple to offer and hopes that these few options will meet the needs of their clients.

As a core part of their offering, Benefits Growth Network searches, reviews and selects best-practice solutions providers for the BGNAdvantage program, available to all members. Leveraging the strength of the network, they are able to negotiate lower rates or additional services that agencies would be unable to get on their own. Agencies are able to review the partner offerings and select which ones are good business solutions for each client individually. This creates a powerful set of readily-available tools without the requirement to engage them until there is a client need.

The offering is a strong draw for many members. Rich Hecker, Vice President of EHL Insurance, says, “We were in the early stages of building our own platform of client services. Finding access to best-of-breed solutions in a comprehensive, ready-to-use system through BGN has saved us countless hours and untold dollars. It has also resulted in a more robust platform than we could have ever built on our own.”

There are many common employee-related challenges that businesses face, and turning to their employee benefits agency for help is a natural evolution. Resources and solutions available in the BGNAdvantage program include:

• HR materials such as employee handbooks, hiring practices, performance management, discipline and firing guidelines. Effective employment practices are a critical foundation for all companies to have in place for mitigating risk.
• Remote work policies. An evolving business climate has made this a requirement for many businesses and avoiding common problems that arise is an imperative risk management strategy.
• EAP programs to help address employee absenteeism and presenteeism issues which can be drastically reducing productivity and squeezing profit margins. Often employees are concerned about personal issues such as child care, aging parents, legal issues and chronic health issues and are distracted during the workday.
• Training for supervisors and managers. Without proper management training, it’s common for businesses to see an increase in HR and management workload and decreased productivity from employees, again adding to the pressures on profitability.

See a sample of solutions offered through the BGNAdvantage program, and learn more about the ways Benefits Growth Network might be able to help your agency at www.benefitsgrowthnetwork.com.

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Benefits Growth Network, based out of St. Louis, MO, is an international membership-based consulting firm specializing in growth strategies for independently owned employee benefits agencies and brokerages. Through the exclusive Benefits Growth System™, members get individualized planning, coaching, training, use of proprietary systems and access to a network of thriving benefits agencies. For more information about Benefits Growth Network, visit www.benefitsgrowthnetwork.com.

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