BestSellerMag - a new site dedicated to publish best selling product lists

Newly launched compiles the list of best selling products from various areas to help filtering the information overdose, and to make shopping decisions easier.

Online PR News – 02-July-2012 – New York – Online shopping has never been so easy - still, the variety of choices and the information available can easily become overwhelming. BestSeller Mag, a newly launched website ( aims to provide help using a very simple concept: products, that sell the best, are usually the ones that carry the most value.

Listing the internet’s top 10 best selling products in various categories, covering numerous different areas in an unbiased, independent manner is a completely new service provided by

“Bestseller lists are a kind of “natural ranking” patterns, where the customers of a certain product vote with their wallets instead of rating these items using stars or writing lengthy reviews. It is straightforward, to-the-point and impossible to misunderstand,” says Zsolt Balla, the founder and editor of the newly launched website. “Researching on a certain subject before making a purchase, with all the information available on the internet, can be exhausting, confusing and time consuming,” he adds. “Most people don’t want to plunge head first in all the detailed - they prefer a benchmark, that makes it easy to compare products, and makes it even easier to pick one products that stands out from the many other, similar or almost identical options.”

Bestseller lists provide you with that very benchmark, making it easy to see the single most popular option as well as the others that closely follow. There’s no need to read lengthy (and often biased) reviews, compare feature lists, or even, browse through gazillions of products that are practically indistinguishable. With a best selling top 10 list, a user can feel that she can avoid all this trouble and jump straight to the bottom line.

“Our newly launched website, Bestseller Mag was designed to support mostly those, who are in the final stage of their decision making process,” Balla explains. “These users have already been searching for a while, and they usually know what they want, it’s just that they are usually hesitant amongst a few choices that are virtually the same. What they need in most cases is either an ultimate bit of information, that saves them from the burden of making the final judgement, or just a confirmation, that they have made the right choice themselves. With a neutral measurement, and a natural, unbiased benchmark, like the general popularity of a product among its customers, this is exactly what our site can provide our users with,” Balla concludes.

Bestseller Mag was soft launched on June 1, 2012, and was made available for the broader audience in the first weeks of June. The site, that is using Drupal as its CMS, with a customized Bartik Theme as its layout, will shortly increase its services with various new features.