iResizer 2.2 by Teorex Refines and Rescales Images with Care

Teorex has announced the release of iResizer 2.2, the new version of the program devoted to improving, refining and editing the images. The tool offers the way of resizing images without deforming the content. No special knowledge is needed for operating the program.

Online PR News – 02-July-2012 – Krasnoyarsk, Russia – Cropping the content is the main drawback of easy-to-use editing programs, but iResizer rubs the unnecessary things out, changes the distance between the objects and image aspect ratio accurately. The work is done automatically and without any professional involvement. In this point the program differs from much more complicated programs of Photoshop kind.

Many of us have such photos which would be almost perfect if there weren´t any outsized objects, passers-by, bags or unnoticed waste in them. iResizer allows to edit the photo preserving the essence of it. After loading the image the unwanted item is marked and then removed as if it has never been there. Still there is always a possibility to undo and save some pieces of the photo that have artistic value.

The next option of the remarkable program is that it lets changing the spacing between main objects in the picture. It means that the amateur photographer can easily shrink and enlarge some distances without any loss. For example, the panoramic view may be turned into square and vice versa. The distance between the people in the picture can be shortened or increased if it seems better for the editor. And once again, all the necessary work is done in several clicks.

When the photographer tweaks the pictures, sometimes the image aspect ratio should also be changed. iResizer fulfills this task with saving the visual content better than ordinary photo editors. It is achievable because the scale of different objects can be changed independently. So that the background of the picture can be extended to be more impressive while the people retain the same size.

iResizer is the finest choice for those who want to refine their photos but not to spend too much time and effort on it. The program is able to do the task without any trace of mending as iResizer mostly affects pixels in areas that do not have important visual content.

Key Features:

- Very simple and shrewd, requires no special skills
- Changes the spacing between objects
- Removes any object from photos
- Changes image aspect ratio
- Completely non-technical

Pricing and Availability

iResizer is compatible with Windows XP and higher or with Mac OS X 10.6 and higher (only Intel CPU). Personal license costs 19.99 USD, business license - 39.99 USD. Demo version and Tutorial are available at the product page.


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Teorex focuses on point targets by releasing products which deal with on purpose only. They do only one thing in the field of image editing, but do it perfectly. The other products of the company remove unwanted objects from photos, find duplicate images, customize the icons of folders and even give access to popular radio stations worldwide.