Los Angeles Dentist Discusses Survey that Finds People Who Smoke Have More Dental Complications

Smokers In The United States Are Two Times More Likely To Have Dental Problems Than Those Who Don’t

Online PR News – 02-July-2012 – Beverly Hills, CA – Though the dangers of smoking are widely known, many people who smoke may not be aware of the more common oral health issues that arise. These problems run the spectrum of severity from unsightly stained teeth to dangergerous mouth cancers. A study released by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC), found that smokers in the United States are twice more likely to suffer from dental problems than those who do not smoke and are much less likely to visit the dentist. Smokers may try to avoid oral health problems by brushing and flossing, but more severe issues can develop making them harder to treat in the future. Celebrity dentist Dr. Alex Farnoosh says, “Practicing in Beverly Hills, I am in the middle of a population that make it their goal to look their best. I remind my patients that the key to keeping their smiles bright is seeing me regularly. Especially in those who smoke, it is important to see me often to keep an eye on problems that smoking can cause so that I can best prevent more complicated issues.”

The CDC conducted a survey in 2008 that looked at the responses of 16,000 adults aged 18 through 64. The most telling finding was that 35 percent of those who smoke reported having three or more oral health problems and of that population 20 percent responded that they had not seen a dentist for five years or more. Some of the problems reported included toothaches, infected gums, stained teeth and jaw pain. While these issues may seem relatively mild, if further ignored these can turn into more complicated problems like tooth decay, tooth loss, periodontal disease and even mouth cancer. When asked about the reasons they had not visited a dentist, respondents cited cost as the main deterrent in seeing a professional regularly. Of the 16,000 surveyed, 35 percent of those who never smoked, 36 percent of former smokers and 56 percent of current smokers stated that they did not have insurance or could not afford the cost of regular maintenance. Those who smoke should be concerned about the future of their oral health given that smokers are four times as likely than those who do not to develop cavities, gum disease and various oral cancers.

As a health professional, Dr. Alex Farnoosh advocates patients to stop smoking not just for the sake of their oral health but also for their overall health. “Though people who smoke may see regular visits as costly, the cost of treating more advanced problems that can develop from avoiding checkups is many times higher.” States Dr. Farnoosh, “If a patient chooses to smoke, they are many times more likely to suffer from problems and should make it a priority to quit and be concerned about dental issues. The survey is quite revealing and only reinforces the importance of regular dental visits.” Over the past few years, various other studies have suggested that oral health is indicative of overall health and well being.

Dr. Alex Farnoosh is sought after for his expertise in advanced cosmetic procedures. He has developed advanced methods to fix a gummy smile and a one of a kind same day gum bleaching method. In addition to his expertise in this field, he is a top choice for the care and treatment of mild to severe periodontal issues. As research progresses, surveys like this can be a powerful ally for dental professionals to better manage their patients.

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