The Art of Madhubani Painting”- a unique crafts workshop Arranged by BestHandsIndia

• Participants were presented with the certificates
• A unique effort by BestHandsIndia for creating livelihood for the women

Online PR News – 30-June-2012 – Hyderabad – Hyderabad
29th June, 2012

BestHandsIndia, a Hyderabad based NGO, has brought a unique crafts workshop to the people of Hyderabad – “The Art of Madhubani Painting”. This workshop is being facilitated by Heena Das, an artisan directly from Madhubani, Bihar who has won many awards and accolades from the Government of India. The workshop culminated with the graduation ceremony when the certificates were given to the participants.

Speaking on the occasion, Ms. Dharuni Garikapaty, Founder Trustee, BestHandsIndia said “Our workshop is a one of kind programme. We have not only brought in an artisan directly from Madhubani but we are also offering training to ladies from all strata of society. Our morning session has ladies who would like to learn the art as a hobby or to teach others whereas the afternoon session has participants from the economically backward section of society. As part of their activities, YWCA of Secunderabad has partnered with us and has provided us with the space to conduct the workshop and has also been instrumental in helping us to enrol underprivileged ladies for the course.”

“Our objective is two-fold” added Ms. Anita Narayanasamy, Founder Trustee, BestHandsIndia, “We would like to bring the traditional arts of India to urban areas besides enabling the underprivileged to develop a sustainable livelihood by learning the art. We intend to absorb some of these women into BestHandsIndia for our own work.”

“Madhubani painting was traditionally done on freshly plastered mud wall of huts,” continued Ms. Garikapaty, “Today, it is also done on cloth and hand-made paper. This art can be seen on – kurta/kurtis, stoles/dupattas/scarves, bookmarks, greeting cards, boxes and many other everyday products.”

Ms. Anita concluded, “We are planning to bring in similar workshops on a regular basis. BestHandsIndia is working towards providing sustainable livelihoods by imparting training in traditional arts and crafts. We also offer a platform to Indian artisans to create new product lines in tune with changing markets, promote their art, and help market their products.”

About BestHandsIndia

BestHandsIndia (BHI) is an organisation that aims at providing a platform to promote Indian handicrafts through the participation of underprivileged craftsmen (especially crafts women), buyers, crafts-lovers and other stakeholders. We source work directly from artisans, self-help groups, and NGOs and reduce the number of channels/intermediaries. BHI brings exquisite new-age products in contemporary designs produced using the dexterity of Indian craftsmen, age-old skills. Our mantra is to offer products made by the best of hands, using the best skills and the best natural material.

“The Maithreyi Foundation” a sister NGO of BHI aims at making the journey of life a much more happier and meaningful one for children with a special focus on girls. The objective is to facilitate these children with a better life by imparting creative education (schooling, life skills, basic language skills, etiquette, vocational training, etc.) and sustainable livelihoods. The purpose behind this initiative is to help raise their bars of education, standard of living, and social acceptance in the society.

About YWCA

YWCA is a worldwide organisation which promotes the full development of women – irrespective of race, culture, religion & creed. Today, the YWCA is one of the world’s largest women’s movements in the field of social transformation of women & girls. At Secunderabad, YWCA endeavours to empower women & girls to face gender inequities, social & economic disparities, caste based discrimination & all forms of violence against women. Community centres have been taken up at Bolarum where they run Tailoring Centres & a Balwadi [schooling for children]. The other projects include an HIV Support Fund i.e. sponsoring nutritional supplements to HIV+ persons & a Saikeel Project – collecting & refurbishing of old cycles which are put to use by other people who have no access to buy cycles.

About the Artist

Heena Das, the facilitator of this workshop, is an artist from Madhubani, Bihar. As a child, over 25 years ago, she learnt this art from her mother's side of the family. After marriage, she along with her husband travelled extensively to spread the art of Madhubani painting They have evolved the art and the style to suit contemporary requirements and now paint on media such as fabric, paper, glass etc. Besides this, they conduct workshops and participate in exhibition/melas throughout the country. In recognition of her skills, Heena has received awards and accolades from both the State and Central Governments.

For further details, contact:

Anita Narayanasamy: +91 995 955 7183
Dharuni Garikapaty: +91 984 907 3563

YWCA of Secunderabad
Nymphea Reddy: +91 984 900 7736