Testosterone Replacement Therapy Now Available At Ergonique Newport Beach

Male hormone replacement therapy can improve a man’s quality of life when low testosterone levels are detected, says Dr. Jonathan Shifren.

Online PR News – 30-June-2012 – Newport Beach, CA – Newport Beach, CA - By age 50 many men have suboptimal levels of testosterone, according to Dr. Jonathan Shifren, Medical Director at Ergonique CosMed Spa. “Testosterone levels begin to diminish sometime during a man’s 30's and continue to decline about 1% per year,” says Dr. Shifren. Men usually don't notice the changes in their attitude, mood, libido or other physical effects until they are down significantly below their optimal level."

Ergonique offers comprehensive Age Management and Wellness Programs for men and women.

"Common complaints among men who exhibit low testosterone levels include weight gain such as the typical “spare tire”, low libido, and loss of lean muscle mass,” says Dr. Shifren. “Some men are also experiencing increased rates of osteoporosis and insomnia.”

Dr. Shifren says that increased energy levels are seen when optimal male testosterone levels are restored and carefully monitored. Testosterone levels are determined by a specialized blood test.

As men and women age, hormone imbalances may begin to cause health problems. For men, this imbalance can be referred to as andropause (diminished levels of testosterone), and for women, it is widely referred to as menopause (diminished levels of estrogen). Ergonique is one of the few locations in Newport Beach and the greater Southern California region that offers this kind of Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy program for both men and women.

“Testosterone is not merely a performance drug,” says Dr. Shifren. “When administered to appropriate patients by a physician it can improve a man’s quality of life and overall health. At Ergonique, testosterone therapy is provided as part of an overall treatment.”

Dr. Shifren says that testosterone may be administered by injection, a patch, implantable pellets or a topical gel. “I take a conservative approach, and if patients are doing well testosterone levels can be adjusted as may be appropriate in each case,” he says.

Testosterone replacement therapy must be done in a carefully monitored and supervised setting,” says Dr. Shifren. Combined with a personalized program of diet and exercise, men who receive testosterone replacement therapy can experience significant improvement in body composition and quality of life.”

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