Hair Loss Treatment Website Names Actor Jason Alexander 2011 Person of the Year
06/30/2012, the world's most comprehensive website providing unbiased consumer information about hair loss and its treatment, has named former Seinfeld actor Jason Alexander, who recently began wearing nonsurgical hair systems, as "person of the Year".

Online PR News – 30-June-2012 – FT. LAUDERDALE, FL – Ft. Lauderdale, FL., January 18, 2012 -- Jason Alexander, the iconic 52-year-old balding actor of Seinfeld fame has been named's 2011 "Person of the Year". Alexander, one of Hollywood's most high profile bald actors, showed up to a September awards show in Beverly Hills donning a full head of hair. Months before he had told his fans on Twitter that he was looking into various hair loss treatments, including hair systems, and warned, "Don't be shocked if you suddenly see picts of me with more hair than usual."

Since that time, Alexander has revealed on Twitter that his new look is "a really good, semi-permanent hairpiece."

Such high-end, highly customized hairpieces are today marketed in the hair loss treatment industry as nonsurgical hair systems. "These are not the same hairpieces worn by our grandparents," said Michael Garcia, Spokesman for "These hair systems, when designed and maintained by a talented practitioner, are completely undetectable to sight and touch and, because they are a nonsurgical hair replacement technique, they can instantly restore a person's natural, youthful appearance."

Alexander had been mum on which practitioner created his new look, but since then has revealed that Hollywood hair replacement artist Richard Farrell of Farrell Hair Replacement did the work. Farrell, who has long claimed to provide hair to some of Hollywood's biggest stars, convinced Alexander to discuss in depth his hair loss and his recent transformation in a video sent out to Farrell's prospects.

"Jason Alexander has done some very good work to further the cause of this safe and natural cosmetic hair loss treatment that, when done right, can not only change one's look, but can change one's outlook on life," says Spokesman Garcia. "Alexander is showing men everywhere that it's cool to wear hair and he's openly challenging the belief that wearing hair should be a hush-hush affair. Jason looks great and he feels great and what he's done by shunning the hairpiece closet is inspirational."

The famous character actor has openly discussed his hair systems with his 75,000 twitter followers, imploring them: "Here's the deal. Here's why I did it. It's no big deal. Don't be afraid to look at it. Don't be afraid to talk about it."

According to Garcia, the state of the art of nonsurgical hair replacement has improved such that there are many practitioners all over the country who practice the craft expertly and creatively.

"When you look at Jason, you understand why he talks openly about his hair replacement procedure; there's nothing to criticize. His own hair blends perfectly with his hair system. The hairline and recession pattern is age-appropriate and he's stressed the most important element about achieving this type of look," adds Garcia. "That is, when people see that you look different than you did and they scan for what has changed and they see the illusion of hair growing out of your hair, the immediately move on to the next possibilities, which is 'did you lose weight' or 'did you have work done'. Nobody cares about whether you are wearing hair if it looks great. They quickly forget and you become the guy with cool hair." is proud to name Jason Alexander as 2011 "Person of the Year".'s free Concierge service is available to both men and women throughout the United States who desire to find reputable and experienced hair loss treatment providers who can achieve for them what was achieved for Jason Alexander.