Infinite IT Solutions To Change Name To Zeemo

Our Melbourne based web design company, Infinite IT Solutions, will be changing it’s name to Zeemo!

Online PR News – 29-June-2012 – Melbourne – Infinite IT Solutions are a Melbourne based web design company that have been providing their services to businesses across Victoria and surrounding states for over 10 years. Some of their more popular services include: online marketing, content writing, search engine optimisation (SEO), graphic design, content management systems (CMS) and ecommerce websites. Each of the services provided by Infinite IT are custom designed to suit the needs of each individual client and to provide them with a level of online success that is rivaled by no other. The dedicated and enthusiastic team and forever looking for new ways to improve their knowledge and to advance their client’s reputations.

After coming to the conclusion that a completely new brand was needed in order to give Infinite IT Solutions the boost they were after, the team occupied themselves with months of research, discussion and brainstorming. Over the past decade, it had become clear that the company’s existing name did not overly suit the services provided by the team and that it was quite a mouthful to spit out and write down. It was quickly decided that the new brand would include a new name, new colours and a new-look website.

The first step in the rebrand process was to come up with a new name for the company to go by. The team decided that they needed something short and snappy, a word that didn’t currently mean anything and that they could add to and define over time. The name “Zeemo” was quickly chosen, and plans began on the other phases of the rebrand. After some experimenting and playing around with colour, the new brand colours of Tiffany blue and lime green were chosen to replace the outdate palette of orange and grey that Infinite IT had used for so long. Work was then begun on a quirky new website that gave the whole brand a unique and fresh look. An emphasis has been placed on the creative nature of our services, with lots of cartoons, curves, funky buttons and art-deco icons.

All of the hard work put in by the Infinite IT Solutions team is drawing to a close – the new website is going live tonight and on Monday they will begin operating under the new brand name, Zeemo. On top of the rebrand, the team is also excited to announce the inclusion of some new services to their repertoire – from Monday, they will also be offering mobile website and mobile application design and development, and photography. Existing clients are encouraged to update their details to include the new brand information. It is also hoped that you will take the opportunity over the weekend to explore the team’s new-look website (available at and that you will share with them in the excitement of these changes.