Nutricia Provides Healthcare Professionals With Supplemental Tools To Benefit Patients

Nutricia creates a wide range of advanced medical nutrition supplements that can be provided by doctors, physicians, and other healthcare professionals in a bid to help ensure that their patients enjoy a nutritional and enjoyable diet.

Online PR News – 29-June-2012 – Wiltshire – London, UK June 27th 2012 -- One of the most common reasons for illnesses and ailments to present in patients is poor diet and a lack of nutritional intake. The body has many requirements, in terms of the nutrients it requires, but in many cases patients are unable to provide their bodies with the necessary levels of each. Illnesses may physically prevent the patient from being able to eat the right foods or they may prevent the body itself from being able to consume or use the nutrients that are required.

Fortunately, supplements are available that can help promote a balanced and healthy diet in virtually all patients. Some supplements may be available from any shop but there are those medical supplements that are best used under medical advice. These may be made available from pharmacists or the doctor or healthcare provider may advise their use to patients. Healthcare advice is usually required to ensure that the patient uses the product in the best way possible.

Nutricia products include supplements like high protein, high energy supplement Respifor. This supplement is most commonly used by sufferers of CODP because it provides calories and protein in large concentration so that the patient can benefit from a fit and active lifestyle once again. It ensures that they receive the necessary number of calories that the body needs to help fight the symptoms of CODP but that many sufferers are simply unable to consume in their normal diet.

Nutricia also produces a range of other supplements and nutritionally beneficial products. Neocate is a milk substitute designed for use with babies and infants that suffer from a cow's milk allergy while Fortisip is used to make food and drink more solid so that people who are unable to consume liquids effectively can still enjoy a nutritional and balanced diet.

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