Gurbani Gutkas with English Transliteration of Bani in Punjabi Released

All Gutkas of Sikh Gurbani have been released which contain the Bani in Gurmukhi alongwith the English transliteration . This is great news for Sikhs and Sikhism enthusiasts around the globe who can now access Gurbani in English even if they are unaware of Gurmukhi .

Online PR News – 03-March-2010 – – All Gutkas of Sikh Gurbani have been released with their english Transliterations . These Gutkas contain the bani in Gurmukhi alongwith the English transliteration . The English transliteration means that Gurbani is written in English as it is supposed to be spoken in Punjabi . Now this is a great step and great news for those who wanted to read Gurbani and say their Daily Prayers as a Sikh but could not because of Gurbani being originally printed in Gurmukhi language only . These Gurmukhi Roman Gutkas contain Bani both in Gurmukhi and english so that each line of bani in Gurmukhi is accompanied by is transliteration in English . These Gurmukhi Roman Gutkas therefore become great tools for teaching Gurbani to the kids and also for saying the daily prayers . The advantage of these gutkas is that they also give the correct pronunciations of Gurbani words which otherwise may be pronounced incorrectly . There are special pronunciation keys that assist in this endeavour .
The following Gutkas have been Made available in Gurmukhi Roman formats :
Nitnem Gurmukhi Roman Gutka
Sukhmani Sahib Gurmukhi Roman Gutka
Sunder Gutka Gurmukhi Roman
Daily Prayer Gurmukhi Roman
Dukhbhanjani Sahib Gurmukhi Roman
You can have a glimpse of all these Gutkas or order them online at
Also there are many other Gutkas in Gurmukhi and Hindi also that have been made available .