Access Garage Doors offers the most affordable wood garage door on the market

The Most Affordable Wood Garage Doors

Online PR News – 03-March-2010 – – Garage doors are an ideal way of improving the appearance and security of your home, as well as bringing a little simplicity to your life with remote control functionality. Custom-made wood garage doors are especially effective in increasing the aesthetic quality of your home. However, doors made of high-quality materials can be expensive to purchase and costly to maintain, and cheaper doors are generally made of poor quality materials. To combat this, Access Garage Doors has developed its Builder Series collection of garage doors.

The Builder Series from Access Garage Doors
The Builder Series from Access Garage Doors is an attractive, affordable garage door range that does not sacrifice on quality despite its low price. These doors are made of stain-grade wood and are available in a variety of designs and finishes. Dark, medium and light stains complement different exteriors, and thus the AGD Builder Series doors are available in a variety of shades. The Rancho, California and Madera finishes are available at only $2,178, $2,068 and $1,958 respectively. These prices include installation.

Affordable prices for wood garage doors
Wood is a classic choice of material for garage doors. Stain-grade wood is a cost-effective material that has become a widely-used resource in wood garage doors. Doors from the Builder Series are the most affordable wood doors on the market.

Made from high-quality wood that has been stained in attractive colors, the finish of the doors in the Builder Series is versatile and attractive. Wood creates a 'natural look', and our doors offer modern and classic themes that are adaptable to different home exteriors.

Increased durability
Stain-grade wood used in the Builder Series is highly durable; the most durable on the market, in fact! This wood is long-lasting, ensuring that garage doors remain beautiful and functional for years to come.

Service and maintenance
Wood doors do require maintenance and care over the years. Access Garage Doors offers a dedicated maintenance and repair service to ensure that your affordable wooden doors are kept in good condition, and that any faults are dealt with quickly and professionally. Warranties are also available from AGD to ensure continued maintenance and services that are excellent value for money.

"Wood garage doors are a great investment for the discerning homeowner. They look attractive, keep your family safe and make it easy to enter and exit your garage," says Derek Searancke of Access Garage Doors. "Unfortunately, a lot of door manufacturers can grossly overcharge their clients, or use poor quality wood. At AGD, we provide value for money with our Builder Series. For this collection of garage doors, we use stain-grade wood that is the most affordable, and the most durable available."

Look no further than the Builder Series, a collection of affordable, high-quality garage doors from Access Garage Doors, for all your garage door requirements.