WerkMaster and Braxton-Bragg Join Forces: Form New US Distribution Partnership

"WerkMaster and Braxton-Bragg have joined forces in order to make high quality concrete polishing, polished concrete, and marble polish solutions more accessible to the masses."

Online PR News – 28-June-2012 – North Vancouver, British Columbia – WerkMaster™ Ultra Floor Systems, a leading manufacturer and provider of concrete surface preparation, concrete polishing, marble and granite restoration and terrazzo refinishing equipment and densifier and sealer solutions is proud to announce that we have teamed with Braxton-Bragg, an industry leading distribution company to complement our sales and distribution team in the US.

“WerkMaster is excited to partner with Braxton-Bragg – they are a recognized leader in the US for distribution of tools, materials, equipment, supplies, training and services for the stone, concrete and terrazzo countertop fabrication and floor polishing industries as well as concrete, travertine, granite, marble, terrazzo and limestone floor restoration,” stated Brian Wilson, President and CEO, WerkMaster. “Our goal is to provide our valued customers with even more opportunity to access our leading technology and floor finishing products.”

“WerkMaster will provide a powerful addition to Braxton-Bragg’s portfolio of concrete, stone and terrazzo products and services,” says Rich Hassert, President, Braxton-Bragg. “WerkMaster’s award winning designs and innovative technology will provide our customers with unique cost effective and time saving solutions that will increase their ROI by reducing labour, improving quality and finish as well as customer satisfaction.”

About Braxton-Bragg

Our goal is to provide our valued customers with even more opportunity to access our leading technology and floor finishing products.

Braxton-Bragg has been distributing products and services to stone fabricating, concrete and stone countertop and floor refinishing contractors since 1995. Braxton-Bragg’s exclusive and unique Customer Bill of Rights guarantees customers will experience the best service, support, warranties, delivery and satisfaction.

The Slippery Rock Gazette is a monthly newspaper published by Braxton-Bragg delivering insightful, helpful and sometimes humorist articles and advice to stone, terrazzo and concrete contractors and fabricators as well as industry news, trade show information, and helpful articles.

The Slippery Rock Gazette has become the most widely-read stone trade newspaper in the United States. This monthly publication is mailed directly to businesses and individuals working in the stone, terrazzo and concrete associated trades.

About WerkMaster™

WerkMaster™ is proud to be one of the most innovative and effective manufacturers of award winning concrete surface preparation equipment, stone, terrazzo and polished concrete equipment as well as hardwood floor refinishing machines. If you are looking to learn how to polish marble or polish granite, WerkMaster has a system for you. WerkMaster’s floor finishing and countertop tools are really 7 Machines in 1: Edger, Polisher, Grinder, Buffer, Burnisher, Sander and Stripper that edge to within 1/8” or 3mm of the wall. The Scarab edges right to the wall.

Our CLEAR SKY Propane Burnishers and Propane Buffers deliver the safest, highest quality features available in a floor buffer today! Manufactured to exceed EPA and OSHA safety standards for carbon monoxide emissions, our CLEAR SKY technology delivers a 98% reduction in carbon monoxide emissions over conventional propane systems.

WerkMaster’s leading Ultra Floor Enhancement densifiers, sealers and cleaners provide customers with results that are unsurpassed in the industry. UltraGuard products deliver a James Scale Coefficient Slip Rating of 7 while protecting floors for up to 24 Hours from major staining and etching chemicals.

“We are constantly looking for ways to improve our technology” stated Wilson, “moving forward in the industry with a goal of providing the best possible solution to our customers. Braxton-Bragg and WerkMaster are equally dedicated to providing our customers with superior customer service and improving on our commitment to them.”

When two dedicated companies join ranks, we know the results will be the best possible experience for our most important asset...our customers!