5 Fold Media Releases "A Gift from the Holy Spirit" by Calvin Brown

One man's personal journey in discovering how the Holy Spirit works.

Online PR News – 27-June-2012 – Syracuse, NY – A GIFT FROM THE HOLY SPIRIT, SHOULD WE ALL SPEAK IN TONGUES? by Calvin Brown shows how our lives change dramatically when we accept Jesus as Lord, and how we discover many new and exciting truths about the way we are to live according to the Word of God. Calvin reveals that there are many different doctrines that determine the core principles of various unique denominations. But in the end, whose doctrine is correct?

A GIFT FROM THE HOLY SPIRIT, SHOULD WE ALL SPEAK IN TONGUES? by Calvin Brown is a story of Calvin's personal journey with God concerning the greater purposes and functions of the Holy Spirit in us. Join Calvin on his adventure with God as over the years, he discovered the many ways the Holy Spirit fills and impacts all of our lives.

About the book:
A Gift from the Holy Spirit, Should We All Speak in Tongues? by Calvin Brown
Published By: 5 Fold Media, LLC
Release Date: 6/28/12
Price: $11.00
ISBN: 978-1-936578-33-7
To Purchase: Barnes & Noble, Parable Christian Stores, Cokesbury Christian Books, Google books, and Books-A-Million.com. E-book format is also available. Contact your local bookstore, or order bulk directly from the publisher.

About the author:
Calvin Brown is a licensed minister who provides assistance in multiple ministries. Licensed a year after this book was written, Calvin is currently pursuing his degree in theology. He retired from the U.S. Army having completed twenty years of active duty service and presently resides in Virginia where he is currently at work on a new novel.