"Buy Solar Panels" Site Operated By "Family Survivors" Presents All Answers to Building Owners

Alternative energy expert "Family Survivors" launched a web page where building owners can get all concerns answered and buy solar panels. Find consumer trends, and comparative performance stats.

Online PR News – 29-June-2012 – GA – The transition to greener energy just became easier with the launch of Family Survivors’s “Buy Solar Panels” website.

This website not only provides product information for various solar panel brands, but also overviews concerns regarding solar panel brands, solar panel kits, and the risks and benefits of purchasing solar equipment.

Catering largely to the individual or small business, “Buy Solar Panels” elaborates specifically on the most cost-effective solar panels to date.

Similarly, the website breaks down the process of purchasing a solar power kit in order to take one completely off of the grid. Lastly, this new website covers requirements for a solar panel transition, useful tips, and of course, the purchase of solar panels.

California has always been the leader in environmental trends, with the rest of the U.S.A. following not long afterward. Clean Technica, a respected online journal, reported “A new study … reveals an 80 percent surge in California’s third-party home solar market so far in 2012, compared to 2011”. You can see the whole article at http://cleantechnica.com/2012/06/25/80-percent-surge-in-california-third-party-home-solar-market/

With more incentives to switch to solar energy, including benefits from the federal and state governments, this new website covers requirements for a solar panel transition, useful tips, and of course, the purchase of solar panels for anyone interested in the profitable trend.

Family Survivors is an organization dedicated to encouraging individuals and small communities to become more self sufficient. The launch of “Buy Solar Panels” is expected to make these groups more aware of solar possibilities, and therefore, less reliant on energy companies.

Family Survivors spokesperson Tru Keesey states, “Our goal with this website is to see people and small communities having more control over their energy, which will hopefully lead them to be more comfortable in being off the grid.”

For more information regarding the purchase or inquiry of solar panels, please go to Buy Solar Panels http://familysurvivors.com/buy-solar-panels.htm