Innovation for Young Fitness Professionals: Beyond Physical Training

New internship program called Team Pro-Fix promises to educate young fitness professionals for a life beyond physical fitness

Online PR News – 29-June-2012 – Tampa, FL – Young fitness professionals in today’s society are often held down by the limited available room for growth. What routes do young, passionate fitness individuals have to reach the pinnacle of their respectable careers? The ideal answer often provided is that they hope to own their own gym. A new internship/endorsement program called “Team Pro-Fix” was created to show that there are many doors available rather than settling for the norm.

Team Pro-Fix is a select group of individuals that share a passion for fitness. That passion for fitness can stem from different specialties. The opening cast members for Team Pro-Fix consists of: The ATHLETE, THE MODEL and THE CHICK.

The ATHLETE, Taylor Greene, originally from Alabama, is a manager at a local gym in the Tampa Bay area. He has a degree in exercise science and he competes in amateur physique competitions across the country.

The MODEL, Rafael Fontana Santana, from Curitiba, Brazil, uses his great physique to model. In addition to holding a degree in business management and logistics, he is an avid surfer and motorcycle enthusiast.

The CHICK, Maizee Demske, from Clearwater, FL, has a spunky attitude that has propelled her through the cut-throat fitness world of bikini competitions. At only 17 years old, she was named’s “Teen Amateur Bodybuilder of the Week.”

Team Pro-Fix offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see a diversified side of fitness. The team will get to travel to exclusive locations around the world, attend and participate in fitness expos across the country, and receive hands-on, real world business applications on dealings with manufacturing, product design and marketing.
Team Pro-Fix keeps active blogs that are updated frequently on The blogs allow the team to share their unique workout routines, meal plans and endurances of the ups and downs of their daily routines.

The goal with Team Pro-Fix is to educate young, active, passionate individuals with the drive to show the world that a new generation is rising. is an American online retailer/manufacturer of sports supplements and nutritional products.

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