Stephen Heller Announces eBook Launch

Stephen Heller delivers a step-by-step tax cutting strategy for small businesses through his new eBook, “Cut Thousands Per Year in Taxes and It’s Legal!”

Online PR News – 27-June-2012 – TULSA, OK – Stephen Heller, a Certified Financial PlannerTM admitted to practice before the IRS, is proud to announce the release of his new eBook, “Cut Thousands per Year in Taxes and It’s Legal!” This new eBook provides step-by-step guidance through proven tax cutting strategies for business owners.

“I developed the System through years of hands on insight as a Certified Financial PlannerTM and IRS Enrolled Agent. These proven strategies have saved tens of thousands for many of my current clients,” says Stephen Heller, creator of “Cut Thousands Per Year in Taxes and It’s Legal!” (

Although the current market environment is more positive than it has been in the past three years, small to medium size businesses are still concerned.
Their largest concerns appear to be around cash flow. Mr. Heller’s eBook speaks directly to this concern. “The System” provides an avenue via which small to medium size businesses can maintain more of their money vs. paying it out in Business Taxes.

What makes Mr. Heller’s eBook unique are the strategies to cut taxes, known as “The System”, which he has developed. Not only does he outline proven, legal tax cutting strategies, he has created a format for delivery that is easy to understand and will walk companies through the process step-by-step. Furthermore, the explanations provided give business owners the information and understanding they need, empowering them and in the long run, strengthening their relationships with their accountants.

“The System” works for start-ups or existing businesses and can be implemented in a matter of one to three weeks, depending on how the company is set-up,” says Stephen Heller, creator of “Cut Thousands Per Year in Taxes and It’s Legal!” (

The eBook is a must have companion for any business owner looking for proven legal ways to cut taxes. “The System” developed and presented in Mr. Heller’s eBook for how to Cut Taxes for small businesses:
• Is delivered in a step-by-step guided process so it is easy to implement; pitfalls are highlighted and guidance in how to avoid them is provided
• Requires no new accounting system; however, each business must know what their net profits are at the end of a month, quarter or year to work “the System”
• Works year-over-year, increasing the potential for savings
• And most importantly, frees-up money that could be better spent on reinvesting in the business or product improvements

Stephen Heller has created an incredibly comprehensive eBook with the strategies needed by Small Businesses to cut taxes. “Cut Thousands per Year in Taxes and It’s Legal!” is an amazing investment at only $39 for any small business owner looking for ways to legally reduce the amount they pay in business income taxes and retain more hands-on money for cash flow, business reinvestment and product improvements.

About Stephen Heller, CFP, EA:
Stephen Heller has worked in the tax and accounting field since the early 1980′s. With several years experience in local CPA and tax service firms, he started his own firm in 1993 and has run it ever since. He holds a BS in Accounting, is a Certified Financial PlannerTM and an Enrolled Agent (an individual ‘Admitted to Practice before the IRS’). Over the years he’s gotten experience working directly with clients in all areas of tax and tax planning.
Stephen’s education and experience uniquely qualifies him to write on the topic of how business owners can save taxes. He developed a system to reduce taxes, as described in his eBook “Cut Thousand per Year in Taxes And its Legal!” and has many satisfied clients who have been with him for several years.

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