Victorian Plumbing Also Includes Low Cost Slow Close Toilet Seat

When things are cheap most of the companies do have good quality products. But Victorian Plumbing is different. It has best quality low priced soft close toilet seat and soft close toilet seat.

Online PR News – 03-March-2010 – – The headline of the news Victorian Plumbing also includes low cost slow close toilet seat will surely come as a surprise to all those who always associated Victorian Plumbing with bathrooms and bathroom accessories. On the new website you can see a special section for toilets this means that the company has expanded its area of operation to include toilets and toilet accessories.

The latest attraction on the site is the soft close toilet seat also called the slow close toilet seat. They can be found under the section of accessories where you will find a sub section for toilet accessories and in that there is a section for toilet seats. Click on toilet seats section and you will come across a good range of low cost slow close toilet seat. They are priced for as low as £14.95 including Vat.

Victorian Plumbing has on display two main types of slow close toilet seats one is Paris Soft Close Heavyweight Toilet Seat – White and the other is Valencia Slow Close Toilet Seat – White. The color white gives them a pious look and will match with almost all bathroom designs. Both of them have been made to the best of the quality standards.

The center fit of the Paris Soft Close Heavyweight Toilet Seat – White is 141mm to 171mm. It is 421mm to 435m in length and 371mm wide. Made of crack-resistant Thermoset it has longer durability. This ensures you will not have to change it frequently. The color white gives it a soft impression.

The approximate dimension of the Valencia Slow Close Toilet Seat – White is 380mm x 470mm and has adjustable hinges. You can adjust the hinges so as to adjust proper speed with which the lid should fall. The installation is not a big deal you can do it yourself with some simple tools.

If you are interested in these products and wish to buy them online then Victorian Plumbing has a got a very easy process. For UK Mainlands the company guarantees next day delivery.