New CB Radio Models Allow Businesses to Establish Communication Networks in Case of Emergency

New lower pricing on Citizens’ Band radios from Bearcat Warehouse give businesses and groups the ability to stay in touch even in the event of a natural disaster or other phenomena that take cell phone networks down, simply by choosing matching scanner frequencies.

Online PR News – 27-June-2012 – Clarksville MD – Bearcat Warehouse, the leading online retailer of Citizens' Band radios and scanners, is pleased to offer new lower pricing on its selection of CB radios. These radios are especially useful in case of a natural disaster or some other emergency that makes cell phone communication impossible.

The recent announcement that Congress has approved a $7 billion dollar budget for improvements to interagency communications shows how seriously our government takes the issue at hand. On 9/11, emergency responders were hampered in their efforts to help by their inability to communicate from agency to agency. More than a decade later, many government agencies are still analyzing the communication failures of that day to see where improvements can be made.

"Effective communications between different agencies working towards a common goal, or different branches of the same agency, can save the company time and money overall," said Bearcat Warehouse's Michael Walters. "By providing staff with CB radios and selecting scanner frequencies for them to communicate on, the company's leadership can rest assured they will not be out of touch if disaster strikes."

A cb radio communication network is ideal for those responsible for assisting others in case of an emergency, including police departments, fire departments, security firms, emergency room staff, and prison guards. However, the CB radio network is not limited to these uses.

"One creative application we've heard of was at a daycare center in central Indiana," said Walters. "They have outfitted the teachers in each classroom with CB radios in case of a tornado. That way everyone can be accounted for within seconds, by doing a head count of each classroom over the radio."

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