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Calculators are part of a growing list of hand held technology under the threat of becoming obsolete in the modern progressive technological age. is now selling a multifunctional calculator to help save this industry and boost calculators as a promotional product.

Online PR News – 03-March-2010 – – MIAMI, FL ( Onlineprnews ) March 3, 2010 - The advancement of technology in modern society is quite astounding. Cell phones, MP3 players and other handheld gadgetry are progressing in a way that makes previous models outdated after only a year of usage. Many items are moving down the path of obsolescence like the Polaroid camera and beeper. The calculator is one particular handheld tech item that is decreasing in value because of the advent of calculator technology on phones and computers.

As promotional products calculators have always been popular because of how useful they are and their undertones of professionalism; so in an effort to save this traditionally adept tool ( has launched a multifunctional calculator known as the Solar Power Business Calculator which transcends the calculator's traditional use as a simple number computing tool. The multifunctional features of the Solar Power Business Calculator not only make it a quality business tool but also an exciting promotional product.

Here's an example of the Solar Power Business Calculator:

The Solar Power Business Calculator has three main functions, all of which are conducive to efficiently assisting business operations. The first function, and most obvious, is as a calculator. This multifunctional calculator has all the standard operations of a traditional calculator, in terms of number computing, along with being small enough to fit in your pocket. Calculators come in handy in business settings and even managing personal finances. A portable calculator is particularly useful as it is available whenever needed to perform its number computing functions.

Another function of this versatile calculator is as a business card holder. The Solar Power Business Calculator's slim size and unique design allows people to hold business cards securely with a calculator conveniently displayed on its front panel. Though this customizable business tool has a calculator and business card built-in, it is still only half-an-inch thick allowing the item to easily be carried in a notebook, pants or shirt pocket. The Solar Power Business Calculator also has a small clip which holds the business cards in place and can be easily flipped back to release them.

The final function of this product is solar power generation. With a small solar panel on the front of this calculator/business card holder it can generate enough energy to supply power for daily use. Because of this energy efficiency Solar Power Business Calculators can last much longer than traditional calculators. Though the amount of energy saved is relatively small this product is still considered an eco-friendly item.

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